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China and Japan are the two countries that make up the Asian civilization as it is known today - ?raditions in asian civilization Essay introduction ? The traditions found there include Confucianism, Buddhism and Shintoism. One of the striking things about the traditions in this civilization is their closeness to their traditions and religions. A tradition/religion was a way of life and the three had similar philosophies.

Asian civilization begins with that of China and has had geographical isolation from the rest of the world. The result of this isolation has been development of distinct civilization and traditions in the land. These have been achieved due to unity, historical continuity and one language use. Japan is similarly civilized as China. In the two countries traditions have developed and due to the vastness involved in the land covered by the civilization, different kinds of religions came up in different parts.

The traditions

Shintoism is a Japanese religion that has indigenous origins. The faithful of Shintois belief in oneness with nature and they worship the kami who are native deities and spirits of nature. In essence, Kami is the divine spirit that is found in all things in heaven and in earth. Religion has got precepts that act as guide of conduct among its faithful.

Buddhism is a religion that was introduced into the civilization by visitors from India. Buddhist beliefs are very similar to those of the other two religions as it’s as the system is similar to the divisions in Shintoism, and the social stratification of the society of China and Japan. Buddhists central belief is that of selflessness in earthly life so as to achieve a state of bliss in nirvana state. Like the other two religions it makes an appeal on nature.

In the region of china the culture of Confucianism existed. It is a system of moral, social political and religious teachings that is built upon the teachings of Confucius. It has it has origin in the ancient china and has been adopted as the state religion up to the present day. With the teachings of Confucianism, Confucius sought to revive the ancient Chinese culture. More emphasis was put on the importance of society and government. It is meant to make its adherents people of learning, good manners and virtuous. It has minimum dogmatic content. In the worship component of the religion is found the practice of offerings to the dead that is taken as an extension of the morals of adherents to every aspect of the human life. Confucianism teachings are based on the idea of human virtue-Jen. It stipulates that relations between members of the society must be honored and upheld.   These relationships led to revolutions of the political system as these methods were adopted into the culture.


One of the major aims of the making of the traditions cum religions was to unite the people and it did unite them mainly by stressing that the authorities are important in a perfect society. The three traditions deal with matters of the earthly life and also with the matters of the heart of its adherents.












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