In what ways people are persuaded to spend money - Money Essay Example

In what ways people are persuaded to spend money

Everyday millions of people are persuaded to spend money - In what ways people are persuaded to spend money introduction. With so many different items in the world almost everything is somewhat useful. Many Americans in today’s time like buy things they think will help them do whatever it is they are trying to do. Others just like to spend money. Companies all over the world spend millions of dollars to persuade people to spend money with them. In most cases this is a successful strategy because this kind of planning turns a company into a fortune 500 company almost instantly. There are many ways to do this successfully and have good results.


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The ways people spend money now days is through advertisements. Advertisements such as commercials and TV shows like HSN are designed to persuade us Americans to thinking the products which is displays is the best fit for us. Companies may already have their product displayed in a store such as Wal-Mart or sears, but advertising on billboards and commercials give their product maximum exposer. Advertisements are an old strategy which has been used for thousands of years. This is the perfect strategy to persuade people to buy the company’s product. Advertisements also can make a company look bad if their product once purchase has a defect. People can tell other people that the product this company has to offer isn’t what you expect. Bad advertisements can put a company out of business.

Advertisements of all types if displayed properly can increase sells and make any company rich. Another way people are persuaded to spend money is the release of newer technology. Since 2001 to present time new devices such as cellphones, tablets, TV, and laptops has been on the rise. The newer the device and the more functions it has from the last device are just enough features to close the sale. In today time cell phones and the internet is almost necessary for a person to remain stable. Studies have showed four out of every five Americans own a cell phone or internet device. With newer technology the quality of the product is enhanced, this reason alone could persuade almost anybody to buy a product. The time we live in now is the time of demand and everybody wants the newest things now to keep up with society. Technology companies know the newer the product the more sales can be generated even if the last product was released three months ago.

The most popular way people are persuaded to spend money is to try and start their own marketing business. Marketing business such as Avon, MCA, and Organo gold all make millions of dollars promising Americans that they will make thousands of dollars selling their products. People are convinced into these deals every day. Some can become very good and become successful with the company and others do not succeed.

The objective is to promise people new cars, career advancements, and job security. Once people have gained knowledge and are convinced they can profit off these companies they are willing to spend any amount to get them ahead. Having your own business is the route to go but with today’s economy proper money management is necessary for everyday survival.

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