?Protestant Reformation: Review Activity Essay

Objective: You are to practice creating essay outlines, the content of which will also assist you in reviewing for the quiz that will take place tomorrow.

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?Protestant Reformation: Review Activity
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More Essay Examples on Europe Rubric

A - ?Protestant Reformation: Review Activity Essay introduction. Review the example of a proper essay outline below and the example on the back. B. On separate sheets of paper create your own detailed outline in response to the essay question that follows (use your notes to assist you):

1. Compare and contrast the motives, goals, and results of Martin Luther and Henry VIII in the movements that they led against the Roman Catholic Church. *Your outline should be at least two notebook pages in length.

Essay Outline Format

I. Introduction
A. Introductory sentence
B. Thesis statement (can be 1 or more sentences)

II. Body Paragraph #1
A. Topic sentence (an overarching introduction to the main point of this paragraph of evidence; it must relate or connect to the thesis) B. Identification of important details/evidence

III. Body Paragraph #2
A. Topic sentence
B. Identification of important details/evidence

IV. Body Paragraph #3
A. Topic sentence
B. Identification of important details/evidence

V. Conclusion
A. 1 or more sentences that summarize the main points of the essay. (It should not be a direct restatement of the thesis.)

Essay Outline Example: Middle Ages v. Renaissance

Essay Question: Contrast the political, social, and religious structure of Medieval Europe and Renaissance Europe.

I. Introduction

Thesis: Medieval Europe differed greatly from Renaissance Europe in the areas of political structure, social norms, and religious influence.

II. Political Structure

A. Political Differences
*Topic Sentence: The Medieval European style of feudalism contrasted greatly with the break from the same feudalistic system by the governing bodies of Renaissance Europe. 1. Medieval Europe was a feudal system.

a.Kings. b. Nobles, c. Knights, d. Peasants (serfs)
*Each group was dependent on the rest for survival.
2. Renaissance Europe broke away from the feudal system.
a. Kings, b.Nobles, c.Merchants/Middle Class, d. Peasaants
*The bottom three groups had more opportunities for advancement.

III. Social Norms

A. Societal Differences
*Topic Sentence: Another area in which Renaissance Europeans parted ways with Medieval Europeans was in social norms. 1.Medieval European life centered around the land and religion. a. Manorialism

b. Little trade led to reduction in movement
2. Renaissance European life focused more on the worth
and abilities of the individual to seek his or her own destiny.
a. Increased trade created a middle class
b. Reduced dependency on the land

IV. Religious Influence

A. Differing Roles of Religion
*Topic sentence: In addition to political and societal differences, Medieval and Renaissance Europe also separated in their respective focus on religion. 1.Catholic life dominated Medieval Europe.

a. Popes were often more powerful than secular rulers.
b. Peasants could only find promise of a good life
after death (heaven)
2.Renaissance Europe broke away from this focus on
Catholicism to begin the inclusion of secular ideas.
a. Growth of humanism
b. Corruption of Church led to dislike of Church leadership. c. Attaining secular virtue through living a good life, rather than desiring to live a good life to attain spiritual virtue.

V. Conclusion
Renaissance Europe marked a departure from the norms of rigid political, social, and religious structures evident in Medieval Europe.

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