10 Min guide to project management Essay

10 Minute Guide to Project Management
Lesson 1. So You’re Going to Manage a ProjectThe Elements of a Project
Project Planning
Possible Project Players
Lesson 2. What Makes a Good Project ManagerA Doer, not a Bystander
Many Hats All the Time
Principles To Steer You
Seven Ways to Succeed as a Project Manager
Seven Ways to Fail as a Project Manager
Lesson 3. What Do You Want to AccomplishTo Lead and to Handle Crises
Key Questions
Okay, So What are We Attempting to DoTasks Versus Outcomes
Telling Questions
Desired Outcomes that Lend Themselves to Project Management
Lesson 4. Laying Out Your Plan
No Surprises
The Holy Grail and the Golden Fleece
From Nothing to Something
Lesson 5. Assembling Your Plan
The Critical Path for Completing the WBS
The Chicken or the EggIs Planning Itself a TaskWhat About Your HoursInternal Resources Versus External Resources
Helping Your Staff When It’s Over
What Kinds of Tasks Comprise the WBSKeeping the Big Picture in Mind
The Big Picture Versus Endless Minutia
From Planning to Monitoring
Lesson 6. Keeping Your Eye on the Budget
Money Still Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Experience Pays
Traditional Approaches to Budgeting Traditional Measures
Systematic Budgeting Problems
Lesson 7. Gantt Charts
Chart Your Progress
Variations on a Theme
Embellishments Offer Detail
Getting a Project Back on Track
Thinking Ahead
Lesson 8. PERT/CPM Charts
Projects Can Get Complex
Enter the PERT and CPM
A Short Course
What If Things ChangeI Feel the Need, the Need for Speed
Let’s Network
Me and My Arrow
Don’t Fall in Love with the Technology
Lesson 9. Reporting Results
More Communications Channels Lead to Less Accessibility
Incorporate the Thoughts of Others
Lesson 10. Choosing Project Management Software
With the Click of a Mouse
Leave a Good Thing Alone
Whose Choice Is ItWhat’s Your PleasureDedicated PM Software
How Will You…

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