12 Angry Men

The plot of 12 angry jurors revolves around the innocent boy who was accusing of stabbing his father. Their decision may end this boy’s life at the same time it can make him a better person to live. They are all sitting around a hard wooden table still in the center of the humid New York in a sunny day .the room is full of tense and arguments. That was in the 1957 when fans barley worked. The diverse jurors are discussing the case with different opinions and the 12 jurors have different backgrounds that influenced them in every way. The film has so much tense and so much detail that makes the movie more powerful with more techniques that the actors, writer and director wasted there precious time doing this acclaimed film.

The director in 12 angry men used characterization as one of her techniques. She used appearance as the primary method in this film. As we were introduced to the 12 angry jurors sitting in a tight closed room we immediately knew each jurors type from what they wore, how they acted and their facial expressions. We noticed that they all had different personalities and different ways but the only common thing between them is that they were all tensioned. Based on the first scene we saw juror number 2 looking like a nerd with glasses and had a small appearance and always timid and tensioned and is always persuaded by others opinions and when he said “I never knew they locked the door that showed how tensioned he was. Also juror number six looks very dull and rough and unintelligent, wearing an unbuttoned shirt and no tie and he is a negative man that doesn’t look at the positive sides of anything. Juror number seven is the most tensioned character and he plays this role of a man that only cares about watching this baseball game and he proved that by admitting that he would do anything to miss jury duty and every once in a while he looks at his watch which makes the audience more concerned about time . The 8th juror was one of the most confident jurors on earth he used logic and faced the 11 jurors without hesitating and analyzed the case and he didn’t have any support he was just standing there defending himself. He was really tensioned especially when it was time for voting he held his breath until the last vote when it was written boldly not guilty. Juror number nine he was the first to stand with juror number 8 and support him he was also affected by his background and he was the oldest in the group which made him feel unsafe and tense.

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Juror number 12 is a business man well-dressed but anxious for the trial to finish so he could go back to his social life and his career. The one juror that loses his temper is juror number 3 he thinks that the defendant is absolutely guilty but his social background affects him in every way he had problems with his son which caused him to dislike teenagers by him thinking that they are all like his son and deserve to be locked and that makes him under pressure all the time. The 5th juror is a very insecure person, he is from a slum dwelling and therefore the case only brings back bad memories, this is why the juror says very little because it just reminds him of what he has tried to leave behind. Tension increases in the jury room as the Continuing changes in jury voting numbers.

Throughout the film Twelve Angry Men, the author Reginald Rose uses multiple dramatic techniques to establish and maintain a sense of tension. Rosie tries to raise the tension by increasing the juror’s problems. The writer used humor as one of her techniques to reduce the tense and add lightness. The writer also used silence in the script intentionally to help build drama and tension. She also made the characters they speak in solid terms about the details of the case. They do not speak in expressive or symbolic language this made the play more serious and contains more tension. At last rose used a very important value in the script is that prejudice always affects the truth and peoples judgment . so she made juror number one a model for what a real juror should be like and made him use evidence instead of just judging . This made the play more powerful and decreased the tension by making one of the jurors wise and calm.

The director Sidney Lumet has unique settings. Nearly most of the film takes place in the jury room it’s that room that they barley fit in but the director shows the room as an unlimited room with no boundaries. Sidney also used a close up technique on the characters that you can see each facial expression and you can see their eyes pumping and their face turning red and the emotions of the carless jurors, this gives the audience that feeling of fear and tension. Also the director used a phenomenal technique he made the camera angles begin to change as the film progresses from above eye-level, to eye-level, and finally below eye-level”. This change in perspective increases the increasing tension within the room as the arguments become more and jurors start changing their votes. The director used camera shots and camera angles to show tension and create meaning in the film. Example when they went in the jury room and started debating that was a long shot that showed seriousness and tension in the room. Another example is a fading shot that showed the criminal defendant tears and mellow this really moved the audience feelings and made the tension increase as the film started. The director used sound to make the scenes more significant. The music creates tension because the non-diegetic sounds just breaks the scene and makes the audience think more and get in the mood. The music which is the non-diegetic sound was really mellow and showed the boy feeling also the music came in another scene before the jurors voting the sad music affected everyone making them lose hope and become tense. Sidney made the diegetic sounds or the environmental sounds significant it makes the audience focus on the words of each juror as he speaks. The lighting was always from above the characters and it also showed the change as the arguments become heavier the light also changed.

Debates and arguments continue and juror never 8 never gives up. He gets more and more evidence until he proves that the innocent boy is not guilty. As the film continues jurors start changing their votes which makes the film more detailed and makes the audience tensioned to know who will change his mind next. Rose the writer made a very complicated script with mysteries and she just doesn’t give answers easily. You have to dig in and search for the missing answers . “ The tension of the characters draws the audience in from the start. We imagine that the case is shut but it opens again.”

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