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4.6m vertical roller mill manufacturing process of the rotor

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    Vertical roller mill more and it covers an area of small, low power consumption, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, considerable economic benefits recognized the benefits of the construction materials industry. 4.6m vertical roller mill is our main product, while the rotor is an essential component of the vertical roller mill selection powder machine, its transmission system is to realize stepless speed regulation by frequency conversion motor causes no a reducing fa is to provide to provide different fineness products. Vertical rotor speed mill, vertical roller mill producing roll, the fineness of product direct relations, fixed rotor stand mill is running is the key. Vertical roller mill rotor comprises a rotor shaft, a rib plate, blade, conical parts center welded and molded, the rotor shaft for the treatment of the molding machine, the demands on the rotor end plane jump, jump 10mm diameter 8mm, asked each to strictly control the production process rotor, the test of static equilibrium of the rotor is an important inspection rotor quality processes need accurate the result, and some efficiency to meet the production requirements of the company.
    The fabrication process of the vertical roller mill rotor
    (1) of the rotor shaft is obtained by machining process, can ensure that the whole coaxial rotor shaft , the end face and the vertical axis, fa is to ensure the accuracy of the entire assembly
    (2) Other parts CNC cut, strictly control the size of each component, such as rotor blade must also be measured for each setting weight.
    (3) The entire welding process requires the assembly on the platform assembly described, first the rotor shaft is placed in the central position of the platform, and then the group of other much lift on the rotor shaft, each party is measured by the concentricity of the rotor shaft for machining cylindrical surface, under the control of the – Within 2mm.
    (4) Swing weld plates c Thy, and chest plate of good will consolidate…

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