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4dep cipd assignment

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  • Pages 2
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    Developing yourself as an effective practitioner

    •I confirm that the work/evidence presented for assessment is my own unaided work.

    •I have read the assessment regulations and understand that if I am found to have ‘copied’ from published work without acknowledgement, or from other candidate’s work, this may be regarded as plagiarism which is an offence against the assessment regulations and leads to failure in the relevant unit and formal disciplinary action.

    •I confirm that 75% of this submission comprises my own written work, in my own words.

    •I declare that the word count limit includes all aspects of my written submission. I agree that title/contents page, references/bibliography are the only part of the submission that do not form part of the word-count’ I also agree that if my assessment is +/ – 10% of the word count the assessment will returned with the appropriate advice to reduce/ increase the word count, which may delay assessment feedback following the submission.

    •I agree to this work being subjected to scrutiny by textual analysis software if required.

    •I understand that my work may be used for future academic/quality assurance purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

    •I understand that the work/evidence submitted for assessment may not be returned to me and that I have retained a copy for my records.

    •I understand that until such time as the assessment grade has been ratified through internal and external quality assurance processes it is not final.

    Activity 1
    Write a report in which you:
    •Briefly summarise the HRPM (i.e. the 2 core professional areas, the remaining professional areas, the bands and the behaviours) •Comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any 1 professional area, at either band 1 or band 2, identifying those you consider most essential to your own (or other identified) HR role.


    Activity 2
    With reference to your own (or other identified) HR role, outline how an HR practitioner should ensure the services they provide are timely and effective. You should include: •Understanding customer needs (include examples of 3 different customers and 1 need for each, and explain how you would prioritise conflicting needs) •Effective communication (include examples of 3 different communication methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each) •Effective service delivery (include: delivering service on time, delivering service on budget, dealing with difficult customers, handling and resolving complaints)

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