50 Shades of Grey Review by Jenny Plunkett

Isn’t it amazing when I type ‘5’ into the Google search bar, the first thing that pops up is the option for ‘50 Shades of Grey’. This already proves to us that it has become a phenomenon. However my question is what is it that makes it so popular? Why is the trilogy a “must read”? The author, T. V executive, Wife and mother of two, E. L James from West London published her first hardcopy of the trilogy in May 2011 and she is “delighted and honored by the positive response to her story from readers”.

The book is described as an “Adult Romance” that involves an extremely intelligent woman aged 21, Anastasia Steele who goes for an interview and falls madly in love with the extremely handsome, tall and muscular Christian Grey who is a self made, 27-year-old Billionaire with these sexy grey eyes that E. L James just can’t mention enough times throughout the trilogy.

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Nevertheless, Christian has a different attitude towards relationships and commitment meaning he has never had a girlfriend; instead he employs submissives (subs) that take on the responsibility to sexually pleasure him using equipment such as whips, chain, handcuffs and other gadgets they will use to his desire. Also, he has a special room where all of this takes place called the “Red Room of Pain” or the “playroom”. It is filled with the best of materials that will enable these subs to carry out their duties. The story continues throughout the three books in total and women have just become obsessed with reading them.

The books are supposed to “spice up your love life” but why or how? Why has 50 Shades of Grey become this addictive drug that people just can’t seem to put down for more than thirty minutes? It is to be said that the storyline has a different approach and that it is interesting book to read. Then Critics say the language used and her irritating repetition throughout the book is almost a turn off. For example: “I flush scarlet” she does this, what almost feels like a thousand times and then Ana is “biting her lip” again this is repeated and repeated that you practically begin to belief she must have eaten it.

The male dominant, known as ‘Sir Christian Grey’ in the novel comes across as a “Control Freak”. He adores having that sense of control over people. In the book Christian had purchased Ana a blackberry phone, a car, a computer, he even begins demanding that she eat and attend to a personal trainer that he has organized for her four times a week. Sounds like the dream guy doesn’t it girls? Wait for it…. Yes there is always a catch, before you can even begin to look at Christian he insists that you thoroughly read and then sign a contract that he drew up.

Sounds normal, right? The surprising thing is that E. L James herself admits at an interview with 20/20 from ABC that “she would not like that life” and that it is just “All her young fantasies in one”. Now that is a question for our female readers- Would you like to be with a guy like Christian Grey? Some may say yes because of his perfected silhouette but then turned off by his overly controlling fetish for bondage. Which bring me to my next exciting point, Dana Brunetti and Michael De Luca are working with E. L James on her next big step – The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie.

There is an online poll for people to go and vote for whom they wish to play the characters of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the film. Teaser trailers of the movie help their choices with different stars such as Gilmore Girls Star, Alexis Bledel in the running with 29% of the vote, followed by Alexandra Daddario (25%), Ashley Green all the way to Harry Potter Actress, Emma Watson with a surprisingly low score of 9. 16%. The options to play the role for Sir Christian Grey are Matt Bomer with a whopping score of 44. 1% followed by Ian Somehalder with 33. 4% down to Twilight’s biggest hit, Robert Pattinson with only 9% of the voting.

E. L James and the producers have great hope and confidence for the film and can imagine it to be a great success. But will it be as great of a success as the book? Let us be honest, of course it will be. It will most likely be a sold out show for days running. The 50 shades trilogy is one of the most talked about books of the year and the producers of ABC tell us that 1 book was sold per second in America. People love to read about the naughty fantasy that man like Christian Grey could come and sweep an innocent woman like Ana off her feet and does unmentionable things to her.

However the most interesting part of the book is that Ana changes Christians out look on relationships and he starts to experience what real love is. Women are suckers for a good love story but will it be your typical happy ending for Ana and Christian? For those of you that have read it and know how it ends…. Shhh and let the 4% left of the population that haven’t done so yet find out for themselves. So go on, take the 50 shades of Grey Drug and enjoy the wild experience.


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