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9 Facts on Why Smoking Is Bad for You

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Chances are you probably already know that smoking is bad for you, but you might not know the whole story. The negative impacts of smoking affect almost every aspect of your life in ways you might not even have dared to imagine. Educating yourself on the wide variety of problems smoking may cause is an effective reminder to not start smoking –if you don’t smoke already–and a strong source of motivation to quit, if you do.

More Wrinkles. According to Michelle Aszterbaum, M.

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9 Facts on Why Smoking Is Bad for You
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D. , a dermatologist in Newport Beach, Calif. , smoking accelerates the aging process of the skin, creating more wrinkles in the process. It inhibits the body’s ability to repair damage caused by the environment,” says Aszterbaum. Causes Heart Problems. Smoking plays a major role in increasing your odds of developing heart disease, the number one killer among both men and women according to the Lehigh Valley Health Network. Costly. The consequences of smoking are not limited to health problems; smoking is also bad for you financially.

The average price of a pack of cigarettes is right around $4 in 2011, which adds up quickly, especially for heavy smokers.

Take into consideration the extra medical bills you might need to pay later in life, and smoking may break the bank for you. Increases Anxiety. The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that teen smokers are more likely to have anxiety disorders and symptoms of depression than teens that do not smoke. NIDA also claims that scientists found teen smokers 15 times more likely to have panic attacks than non-smoking teens. Hinders Athletic Ability. Smoking also hurts your health by making it harder for you to exercise. Over time, smokers lose the ability to run as far or as fast as non-smokers, regardless of age.

Causes Fertility Issues. Female smokers have a harder time getting pregnant, while male smokers usually experience lower sperm counts, complicating the fertility process for both sexes. Men who smoke regularly are also at greater risk for erectile dysfunction. Ruins Your Teeth. Over time, the effects of smoking will ruin the appearance of your teeth. Excessive smoking leads to gum disease and tooth decay, and in the event you are lucky enough to avoid these issues, your teeth will still take on a stained, yellow appearance from the nicotine.

Increases Cancer Risks. Smoking significantly improves your risk for cancer everywhere in your body. You put your stomach, bladder, pancreas, lungs and throat in danger every time you light a cigarette. Hurts Your Love Life. In addition to the wide variety of other problems it causes, smoking poses social consequences for you as well. The Australian Medical Journal published an article that claims smokers are more likely to find themselves without a significant other than those who do not smoke.

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