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9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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September 11th, 2001; two planes crash into each tower of the World Trade Center, one in to the Pentagon, and one “crashes” in Pennsylvania. The government tells us that the attacks were committed by Al Qaeda, a Muslim extremist terrorist group. That it was a “cowardly surprise attack. ” They do not offer any proof, except, a likely fake, video tape, of Bin Laden; translated by government translators. A pattern? We took the government’s word for it. How ironic. The US government most likely knew that the attacks were coming, or even actually committed them themselves.

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9/11 Conspiracy Theory
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In this paper is prima facie evidence of this. Evidence that cannot be ignored. Also included is an explanation of why the government would want to do this. As well as precedent of a similar act. Keep this in mind: people are expendable. What you want to believe is up to you. This paper offers evidence, the final decision is yours. Precedent. There is great evidence that “the Roosevelt administration was fully aware of the oncoming [attack on Pearl Harbor]” before the attack occurred.

Before the attack on Pearl Harbor “88 percent of Americans opposed U. S. involvement in the European War. However after the attack there was overwhelming support for it. At the time of the attacks there were no aircraft carriers, or any other valuable ships, in Pearl Harbor. Only aging ships, which were, after the attack, refurbished. After the attack they were better than before. To prevent civilian ships from stumbling on the Japanese task force, and alerting Pearl Harbor, the US navy issued and order prohibiting civilian ships from traveling through the north pacific. There is evidence that the day before the attack anti-torpedo nets were removed for unexplained reasons.

The Pearl Harbor conspiracy is still but a theory, but a commonly accepted theory. It’s your decision. The Evidence. The CIA has publicly stated that they trained Bin Laden during the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan. Would the CIA let some one they trained work against them? If Bin Laden turned against the CIA they would make sure he didn’t live. It’d be personal. Information was “leaked” to the press that the NSA intercepted communications referring to 9-11, but the communications weren’t translated until 9-12.

A normal person with a 56k modem can translate text, online in under 30 seconds. The NSA has multiple Cray supercomputers. It took them 2 days to translate the messages? Also, the NSA has publicly stated that they intercept all phone calls and internet messages and scan them for certain keywords. Considering the sophistication of the plan there must’ve been a large amount of information transmitted electronically. And no one noticed? As is shown in figure 1 Boeing’s stock dropped before 9-11. This is prima facie evidence that people where aware of the impending attack.

Aware of the fact that demand for commercial air travel equipment would drop. As further evidence the way the towers collapsed was not consistent with the damage. The plane impacted from the side. The supports on this side would’ve been weaker. Incidentally most of the fuel was gone within seconds of the impact hence the fireball immediately following the crash. The papers furniture and other such office supplies was what burned after the crash. When the central core began to melt it would soften before liquefying and lean towards the side where the plane impacted.

The weight would move to the side causing it to lean even further… and further… until it would eventually fall to the side, taking a small portion of the structure below the point of impact with it. How ever it would kill more people as it would fall on them. In the first tower to collapse the top did slightly lean to the side during the collapse as can be seen in figure 2. While in the second tower to collapse the top went straight down without tilting, consistent with an implosion. The way the smoke and debris clouds formed during the collapse of the first tower to collapse is also consistent with an implosion as can be seen in figure 3.

Leading the writers of this paper to believe that there were demolition explosives installed in the towers. This was likely done by the contractors that were in the World Trade Center on 9-11. When the tower collapses there are 2 independent clouds of smoke and debris that appear in rapid succession to each other. The photos on the right have markings on them. The red circle indicates the first cloud the yellow one the second cloud. This is prima facie evidence of the presence of demolition explosives. The two clouds indicating 2 places where the explosives were installed.

Consistent with an implosion. Why? Many people wonder “Why would the US government do such a thing? ” There are several reasons, most likely a combination of them. Firstly, it permitted the restriction of human rights. Now Americans can be arrested and held indefinitely without being charged or given access to a lawyer. The government now has greater surveillance rights over citizens. Now the FBI can “monitor political and religious meetings inside the United States now, even when there is no suspicion of a crime. ” The government can now investigate what “books Americans borrow from the library. Also, the treatment of POWs captured in Afghanistan and held at camp X-ray is in violation of the Geneva Convention. Also, the attack caused congress to declare war on “terrorism. ” What this accomplished was that if the government decides to attack a country the bureaucracy, and possibility of a leak, involved in declaring war is unnecessary; the country must simply be labeled terrorists. As a side comment the declaration of war on a country is necessary before an attack in order not to look bad in front of the UN.

This also allowed more money to be put into defense/military technology. In addition, despite the fact that most of the stock market went down defense stocks went up. The graph of Northrop Grumman’s stock is shown in figure 4. Northrop Grumman is the company that among other things makes the F-14 Tomcat and the B-2 Sprit. On 9-10 it was at 69 points by mid October it was at 110 points. The large drop that begins in June was coincidentally or not the day after one of the writers of this paper started investigating the conspiracy theory.

And finally, the most noble reason of them all. If the government knew the attacks were coming (and didn’t commit them themselves). They may have installed the explosives to minimize the amount of people killed. Because if the top of the tower had toppled off to the side more people may have been killed because it would kill the people to the sides. Also the amount of energy released would’ve been bigger because it would’ve fallen faster without the rest of the tower slowing it down.

Had they evacuated the buildings or grounded the flights the terrorist would still attack, just later. And because the flights would be grounded or the towers evacuated the terrorists would know their communications were detected. They would regroup make the communications more secure. They would have time to get better targets. More advanced plans. So even though the acts of the government may have been illegal, they were not necessarily immoral. But everything depends on your opinion of right and wrong. Morality is in the eye of the beholder.

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