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Dance can considered an art because of it has specific movement of the body follow with the different type of music. Nowadays, dance seem to be a lot type likes jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, traditional dance and so on. The number of people taking part in dance classes is increasing especially in the range of teenagers. This is because of dance not only for fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. Dance is a physical exercise. Thus, dance can enhance our strength and endurance.
This is because many style of dance require jumping and leaping especially jazz and ballet. From this, our strength and endurance will be increases. Dance gives strength to the lung and the heart. Elevating the heart rate can increase stamina. So that our body will became stronger and healthier. Increasing of the strength and endurance can help us working a long time period without fatigue. In addition, dance can relieve our stress. This is because when we dance we need to move our body then we will sweat.
Sweat can help us to eliminate the toxic from our body. If someone really like to dance, the good hormone will produce and make we feel happy. When we feel happy then the stress will be relieve. Besides, when we focus on dance then we will not think about our vexation and we can enjoy the music and dance. When we always let our self live in a stresses life, I think that finally we will become crazy. So that dance is a good choice to help us relieve our stress in life.
Moreover, dance can let us meet new friend. Because of the dance is a social activity. When we want to learn dancing, we will join the dance class. Then we can meet new friend in the dance class. Thus, dancing provides many opportunities to meet with other people who love dancing too. Joining a dance class can build our social skill and increase our confident. The positive environment will make us feel happy and then our mental health will increase. In a nutshell, dancing has many positive health benefits.

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