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A biography on Michael Jordan

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A BIOGRAPHY ON MICHEAL JORDANMichael Jeffrey Jordan was born in February 17, 1963 at Brooklyn in New York City. He is regarded as one of the most famous and celebrated professional basketball player of all era. Alongside, it is believed that he is the most efficiently marketed sportsperson of his cohort.

(King, 175, 3)He is also regarded as one of the leading personalities to make National Basketball Association or NBA an extremely popular association for over two decades. With a height of 1.98 m or 6 ft 6 in Michael Jordan completed 15 NBA seasons with a career average of 30.

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A biography on Michael Jordan
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1 points in each game.

This is a record for NBA. Michael Jordan became Most Valuable Player for five seasons and won ten scoring titles along with winning six championships with Chicago Bulls in NBA. Michael Jordan also featured in the All-Defensive First Team for a total of nine times. (Lamb, 2006, 49, 1-2)Michael Jordan was a first round selection where he ranked third by the Chicago Bulls while he entered the NBA in 1984.

His initial season was great success as he scored at 51.5% with an average 28.2. (Lamb, 2004, 311, 4) He was favored by the fans immediately as they loved his style and elegance on the court and it was evident that he was ultimately selected as All-Star starter.

(King, 179, 2)There was no stopping after that. In 1991 Sports Illustrated voted him as the “Sportsman of the Year” and in 1999 ESPN recognized him as “the greatest athlete of the 20th century”. (Kar, 19, 3) He retired with 32292 points overall, which is only third after Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. For his ability to leap for the basket he was nicknamed “His Airness” and “Air Jordan”.

(Fletcher, 164, 4) References:Fletcher, R; Michael Jordan: Beliefs and Knowledge, Believing and Knowing; Howard & Price. 2006Kar, P; History of the Game; Dasgupta & Chatterjee; 2006King, H; NBA Today; HBT & Brooks Ltd. 2001Lamb, Davis; Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata; National Book Trust. 2004Lamb, Davis; Justifications of being Michael Jordan: A Celebrated Journey; Curtley-Vosges; 2006

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