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A Comparative Study on China English, Chinglish and Their Influences



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    A Comparative Study on China English, Chinglish and Their Influences

    Abstract: This paper attempts to explore the possible differences between China English and Chinglish as well as the influences they have brought to the language itself and the society. By a comparative study of the two interlanguages, we can gain a general idea about their differences and their impact
    Key words: China English, Chinglish, influences

    1. Introduction
    With the intensifying of globalization nowadays, communication across national boundaries is getting more and more frequent. English, as the world’s most important working language, is playing a key role in the state and non-state communication process. The use of English has reached to almost every corner of the world. Therefore, geographical English variations are adopted both socially and academically. Up to now, Singapore English, Hong Kong English, Malaysia English and so on have already been well recognized. In china, there exists two sorts of English with Chinese characteristics, namely China English and Chinglish. However, most of the Chinese English learners don’t have a clear awareness of their differences and whether both of the two interlanguages would become standard English is still on doubt.
    Before 1970s, English was took on as the language of only native speakers, such as the British and American. And even the British English or, royal English was though as the only standard English before the outbreak of World War II. But with the fast pace of globalization, it is becoming a worldwide used language. It is not hard to understand that when a language plays a role as a lingua franc, it is inevitably subject to Linguistic changes in unpredictable ways. The spread of English around the world has already demonstrated this. Since 1960s,the term “new Englishes” has become a major talking point among linguists. Later, the use of English varieties came to replace it. The US scholar Braj.

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