A comparison between the lives of Jesus and Mohammed

A comparison between the lives of jesus and mohammed

Two of the most prominent and highly influential figures in the world of religion and possibly in history are Jesus Christ and Mohammad - A comparison between the lives of Jesus and Mohammed introduction. Jesus is the main innovator and the main figure in Christianity while Mohammad is the founder of Islam and is widely believed to be the last and the greatest of many prophets sent by God. Basically, both are key figures in their respective religions and whose many teachings became the foundation for modern ideas, views, concepts, and principles that have shaped the world in a lot of aspects.

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However, while it is widely perceived that both are divine figures or prophets who have basically an impact on the world in general, Jesus Christ and Mohammad are significantly different in terms of their method of teachings, lifestyle, and personal views, among many others. Possibly the first notable difference between the two is how they carried out their instructions from God.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ personally received his instructions to spread the word of God from God Himself. In addition, when he hears God calling his name, he usually goes into the dessert or into a place of solitude to meditate. On the other hand, when Mohammad came in contact with God through the angel Gabriel, he was afraid and wanted to commit suicide. However, after some time he finally accepted God’s instructions and began his conquest of other lands (Muir, 2001).

Based on accounts of the bible, it is evident that Jesus never waged wars nor fought with anyone physically when he preached the word of God nor did he struck back when he was persecuted. In contrast, Mohammad waged a lot of holy wars, which is called “Jihad” in Islam, in the name of Allah, his God.

In other words, Jesus was more of the pacifier and was even regarded as the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 2:6-7 New International Version) while Mohammad was more of the aggressor. In addition, Jesus basically disapproved all forms of violence and preached that everyone should forgive. On the other hand, while there were several accounts that Mohammad forgave his enemies, he usually resorts to violence to deal with his adversaries (Lings, 2006).

Their nature of doing things also speaks a lot about their ways of preaching. Jesus basically told his followers, especially his apostles, to spread the word of God. On the other hand, while Mohammad also told his followers to spread the word of God, he ordered them to do so by force. There were a lot of accounts in the Koran wherein Mohammad told non-Islamic people to be “converted or die.” This was basically his way of spreading God’s words and teachings (Lings, 2006).

Moreover, both had very different identities and spiritualities. Based on the biblical accounts, Jesus Christ claimed himself to be both a God (John 8:24, 8:58) and a man. In addition, He also preached that he is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). On the other hand, Mohammad never considered himself as a God and only saw himself as a warrior.

It is from these accounts that the two can also be compared based on their relationship with God. Jesus Christ is widely believed to be the one and only son of God. In fact, he is a God himself based on the Christianity’s belief in the Trinity which states that there is one God but in three entities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, there were several biblical accounts were he personally communicated with God. In contrast, Mohammad never had a direct communication with God. The revelations, messages, and instructions of God to him were all sent by the angel Gabriel (Muir, 2001).

Both Jesus and Mohammad largely differ in terms of morality as well. For example, Jesus never killed a person, never married, and never committed a sin. On the other hand, Mohammad killed thousands of people, had multiple wives, and committed sins (Muir, 2001). Based on several accounts, Mohammad also had a lot of slaves whereas Jesus had none.

Furthermore, they also significantly differ in their recruitment of disciples.

Moreover, based on the bible, Jesus came down to Earth and gave his life for others. He died after being crucified by his persecutors. In contrast, Mohammad has exerted a lot of efforts to save his own life and left others to be killed (Lings, 2006).

In addition, their identities also depict their respective capabilities. Based on biblical accounts, when Jesus died after his crucifixion, which was on a Friday, he came back to life on a Sunday. In contrast, Mohammad died of an illness and never came back to life.

Furthermore, it is also very notable that the two differ in the miracles and extraordinary actions they have performed. Jesus Christ’s many miracles include turning water into wine, multiplying several pieces of bread and fish to a thousand pieces to feed his followers, bringing Lazarus as well as several other people back from the dead, healing lepers, and restoring the eyesight of the blind, among others. Mohammad’s only alleged miracle on the other hand was the creation of the Koran which is basically a written text of God’s revelations to him.

Moreover, the two also differ in their perception of women. Jesus Christ, spoke highly of woman especially his mother, Mary. Based on the bible, he also forgave prostitutes who came to him to repent for their sins. Mohammad, however, claimed that women were not even half as smart as men (Hadith 3:826) and they could simply be sold or be treated as hostages to be bartered with.

However, possibly one of the most significant differences between the two is their regard for each other. In the bible, Jesus proclaimed Mohammad to be a false prophet (John 10:10; Matthew 24:11). On the other hand, Mohammad recognized Jesus as a good prophet, but not a better prophet than him (Muir, 2001).

Aside from their differences in their lifestyles and personalities, Jesus and Mohammad’s teachings have also made a significant impact on the world today. For example, a lot of Muslim enthusiasts celebrate a successful terrorist attack which is similar to Mohammad’s lifestyle wherein he celebrated their victories in numerous holy wars that he used to covert people to Islam. On the other hand, while during certain periods in history Christianity also waged holy wars which they called the “Crusades,” these scenarios have never occurred again.

These modern events basically speak a lot about Jesus and Mohammad and the religions that they represent. Christian followers today are very peaceful and are very rarely involved in terrorist attack that rocks nearly the entire world, which was manifested by Jesus during his time. On the other hand, Muslims, although not all of them, are commonly associated with most acts of terrorism, which were shown by Mohammad during his frequent wars and conquests of other lands.


In conclusion, Jesus Christ and Mohammad are similar in the sense that all their actions were done for God and in accordance to God’s will. However, they basically differ how they carry out those actions. In other words, both have the same their ends but also have very different means in attaining those ends.

However, the bottom line is both have made significant impact on a lot of aspects of civilization and society. Their teachings basically became the foundation of future ideas, concepts, and beliefs in the world. Unfortunately, it is their contrasting views in a lot of aspects that have resulted in countless of religion-related wars.


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