A Computerised Gsm Based Vehicle Theft Control System Essay

The project “GSM BASED VEHICLE THEFT CONTROL SYSTEM” deals with the design & development of a theft control system for automobiles which is being used to prevent / control the theft of a vehicle - A Computerised Gsm Based Vehicle Theft Control System Essay introduction. The developed system makes use of an embedded system based on GSM technology. An interfacing mobile is also connected to the microcontroller, which is in turn, connected to the engine. Once, the vehicle is being stolen, the information is being used by the vehicle owner for further processing.

The information is passed onto the central processing insurance system, where by sitting at a remote place, a particular number is dialed by them to the interfacing mobile that is with the hardware kit which is installed in the vehicle. By reading the signals received by the mobile, one can control the ignition of the engine; say to lock it or to stop the engine immediately. Again it will come to the normal condition only after entering a secured password. The owner of the vehicle & the centre processing system will know this secured password.

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We can modify this concept such that the vehicle owner also can lock the vehicle from his mobile phone. The main concept in this design is introducing the mobile communications into the embedded system. With the help of SIM tracking knows the location of vehicle and informs to the local police or stops it from further movement. GSM BASED DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD INTRODUCTION The user sends a SMS containing the data to be rolled. PC receives the SMS and send it to both the slaves via RS232 -RS485 converter section. Both the slaves receive the frame.

Then they match the slave ID in the frame to their own ID’s. If ID match occurs then that particular slave rolls the data on it’s alphanumeric display. GSM BASED DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD BLOCK DIAGRAM COMPONENTS USED Microcontroller PIC( 16F877A). RS 232 and 485 Transreceivers. Octal Bus Transreceivers (74LS245). Alphanumeric Display. GSM Module. 3:8 Decoder. SPECIFICATIONS OF COMPONENTS PIC µC 16F877A I\O ports: 5 Operating frequency: 20 MHz Flash memory : 8Kb EEPROM data memory: 256 bytes Interrupt capability (up to 14 sources) Serial communication:MSSP, USART

Parallel communication:PSP Instruction Set:35 instructions PIN DIAGRAM RS 485 Long distance communication Serial communication standard Thermal shutdown protection Allowing up to 32 transceivers on the bus Supply voltage : 5V DB-9 CONNECTORS FEMALE CONNECTOR MALE CONNECTOR PIC µC WITH OCTAL BUS TRANSCEIVERS PIC INTERFACE WITH RS 485 ALPHANUMERIC DISPLAY 1. 5 “ Display. 5Volts operation. Common anode mode. 100 mA current operation. 0. 5W power consumption. DISPLAY SELECTION 3:8 DECODER IC DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD GSM MODULE Ultra small size. Light weight (3. 2 g).

Easy to integrate. Low power consumption. Full RS232 on CMOS level with flow control High performance on low price. SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Express PCB to draw PCB layout. Programming of PIC using ‘ASSEMBLY’ in KEIL Software. Programming at Base Station using Visual Basic (VB-6. 0). VB INTERFACE WINDOW PCB LAYOUT ADVANTAGES Easy to implement. More reliable. Secured data transfer. Can be used in places where human beings can not work. Robust system. High accuracy because of sensors and microcontroller. APPLICATIONS This system can be used in: Cities, Malls, Theaters.

In Industrial Buildings. In Remote and Rural Areas. In Trains And Busses. In Many Institutions For Information Purposes. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT Higher end controller can be used ARM-9. Announciator system cab be added. Increase the no. of slaves. Use of satellite technology instead of GSM. Access the data stored in dedicated PC. Download your Reports for GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. IR based security system is a low cost so that the concept is implemented by using an MCS 51 series micro controller.

The system is fully controlled by the 8 bit microcontroller p89S51 which has a 4Kbytes of ROM for the program memory. The system has a IR transmitter and IR receiver. These IR transmitter and receiver are connected at the Car/Bus/Van door. When any object is entering into the vehicle, Microcontroller P89s51 continuously monitor the infrared receivers ,when any object pass through the IR receiver’s then the IR rays falling on the receiver’s are obstructed, this obstruction is sensed by the microcontroller. Otherwise IR receiver receives the rays continuously from the transmitter, then automatically vehicle door is closed.

Mainly the system is used for automatica door closing purpose. The implementation is made simpler by using IR sensor to detect the person. The system include the IR sensor, microcontroller, LED and a  5V  power is supplied to run the system. The system uses a compact circuitry built around 8051 microcontroller Programs are developed in Embedded C. Flash magic is used for loading programs into Microcontroller. Download your Reports for GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System International Journal Of Computational Engineering Research (ijceronline. com) Vol. 2 Issue. Issn 2250-3005(online) September| 2012 Page 1534 GSM Based Anti-theft Security System Using AT&T Command. Visa M. Ibrahim 1 . Asogwa A. Victor 2 . S. Y. Musa 3 . 1,2,3 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School Of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Modibbo Adamma University of Technology Yola, Adamawa State. Nigeria Abstract Antitheft security system security system using AT&T COMMAND utilizes an embedded system design with GSM to monitor and safeguard a car. It secures the car against theft.

Upon activation, it automatically demobilizes the car by disconnecting the ignition key supply from the car battery. This now makes it impossible for anybody so starts the car, let alone moving with it. In an attempt of theft through the car doors or boot, the system sends text message to the car owner and at the same time starts up an alarm. This design popped out due to the increasing rate at which packed cars are stolen especially in our country, but with this design this packed car is being monitored irrespective of where it is packed, provided there is GSM network coverage.

From the research conducted, it was found out that majority of the existing car security system uses only alarm, and doesn’t send text message to the car owner let alone of demobilizing the car. But with the use of GSM network, the owner is guaranteed that the car will send text message to his phone, and at the same time, have people around alerted of what is happening. Added to this is that the car will not be move because it has been demobilized. The use of AT&T COMMAND made the design use very few electronics component, look very small and compact that it can be hardly seen when mounted in the car [2].

Keywords- Communication, AT&T Command, Microcontroller, GSM, Networks, Text message, Feedback. 1. Introduction In a situation where there is high level of t heft, there is need for better security system. It is much safer to have a system that monitors and communicates to the device owner without putting human life to risk in the name of “Watchman”. This tends to utilize the availability of GSM network, mobile phone and electronics circuit to achieve an automated system which is programmed to work as a thinking device to accomplish this purpose.

By simply dialing the phone number of the mobile phone attached to the circuit and sending a code after the phone has automatically been answered, puts the system to either “active or inactive” state, and on any attempt of theft the system sends a text message to the device owner, demobilizes the system (car) and then starts up an alarm. With this, the car is always protected. The total absence of sufficient security personnel in a packed car is a great discomfort to car owners. This insecurity has paved way to increasing rate of stealing packed cars – even with security.

In order to enhance an improved and life risk free security system, the purpose of this study is to aid a better security system of cars with the use of GSM. This system monitors one’s car against theft, and has a text message sent to the car owner, telling him that his car is being tampered, and at which part of the car (either doors or boot) is being tampered. The system will also demobilize the car (that is stopping the car from moving), set up an alarm for the people around to notice what is happening. 1. 1 System Description Figure 1: Functional Block Diagram of the System.

International Journal Of Computational Engineering Research (ijceronline. com) Vol. 2 Issue. 5 Issn 2250-3005(online) September| 2012 Page 1535 The diagram in figure 1. Describe the overall system. The system comprises of a GSM which serves as an intermediate between the outside world (car owner) and the entire system. It is responsible for both receiving of calls for system activation and deactivation, and sending of text message to the car owner. Its output its output fed into the microcontroller.

The micro controller which is the brain and control circuit behind the entire design is controlled with a written program stored into its Read Only Memory (ROM). The controller with the direction of the written program co-ordinate the system’s operation as follows: i. If the system is active, it monitors both the car doors and boot to check if anyone is opened. ii. Demobilizes the car by disconnecting the ignition line from the battery supply via the actuator iii. Sends text message to the car owner signifying where the attempt is made from, and finally iv. Starts up an alarm for alert purpose. . But, if the system is inactive, the microcontroller disables all outputs and sensor inputs. In this paper, the design utilized locally assembled microcontroller and few other basic electronics components to achieve both the control and the controlled. Evidently, microcontrollers have been used to perform such simple security task in which human performance might degrade over time. The reliability of this design makes it durable and capable for offering guarantee security at all time. The power supply provides the voltage and current required for effective performance of the system.

This supply is tapped from the car battery and then regulated before being fed to the system. 2. Design Frame Work 2. 1System Design The design process is divided into two: Hardware and Software designs. 2. 1. 1 Hardware Design 2. 1. 1. 1 The microcontroller. he microcontroller is actually a computer on chips. It is a member of the 8051 family of microcontrollers and is 8 bit wide. It has 256 bytes of RAM, 8K of on chip ROM, three timers, 32 inputs and output pins making a total of four ports, each 8 bit wide. 1 serial pin and 8 interrupt sources all on a single chip.

In all is a forty pin IC. The AT89C51 microcontroller is an 8 bit processor meaning that the central processing unit CPU can work only on 8 bit. Data larger than 8 bit must be broken down into 8 bit pieces to be processed by the CPU, it is a programmable chip: the availability of software development tools such as compilers, assemblers and debuggers so that it behave exactly as the designer program it. This makes it more effective and reliable in carrying out task especially in a design that involves logic decision and control. The alarm was implemented using a 12V/15W siren.

The BC337 bipolar junction transistor is a switching device which switches on the alarming unit [1]. And FET (IRF3205) is a power mosfet [1]. It functions as an actuator to the demobilization unit. Relay is the demobilizer in the system. Voltage regulation is achieved by the use of LM7805 [8]. The figure 2 below gives clearer view of these hardwares. Figure 2: Complete circuit diagram. International Journal Of Computational Engineering Research (ijceronline. com) Vol. 2 Issue. 5 Issn 2250-3005(online) September| 2012 Page 1536 . 1. 1. 2 Interfacing the microcontroller to coordinate the entire system. Port two bit six (P2. 6) and Port two bit seven (P2. 7) of the AT89C51 are respectively used as input for doors sensor and boot sensor. Port two bit zero (P2. 0) and Port two bit one (P2. 1) are used for controlling the alarming unit and the actuator for demobilizing the car. 2. 2 Software Design The program was written in assembly language using the 8051 instruction set. It utilizes AT&T Command codes for its operation and performance.

The AT&T command codes are special codes made for easy control and accessibility of compatible phone through programs written to microcontroller (AT89C51) in serial communication mode [4]. The simplicity of the hardware is as a result of the serial communication compatibility of the AT89C51 P3. 0 (RXD) and P3. 1 (TXD). The AT&T Command is indeed the enhancement of the microcontroller based anti theft security system with GSM (text message) feedback. The flowchart for the program is shown in Figure 3. Figure 3: Controlled Program Flowchart. 3. 0 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION AND TESTING

After the construction of the entire system, the program was written and burned into the microcontroller chip. On interfacing it to the car, it was tested and found ok as it performed the objective of the design. Satisfaction was gotten from the moment the system was activated and the car opened, the system automatically disconnected the ignition, sent a text message to a programmed recipient and then started up an alarm. The mission of the design was accomplished. The entire system has serial inputs through P3. 0 (RXD) and P3. 1 (TXD). The outputs are the text message controller, alarming system and demobilization unit.

The system is battery powered and was tapped from car battery and for this reason it made it easier for dc use. With these a system that sends text message to car owner is designed and implemented. 4. 0 International Journal Of Computational Engineering Research (ijceronline. com) Vol. 2 Issue. 5 Issn 2250-3005(online) September| 2012 Page 1537 Conclusion A cost effective, simple, miniature and robust GSM based anti-theft security system using AT&T command has been successfully designed and constructed. From the input to the output of each stage was a success.

The major input is like an interrupt and upon reception by microcontroller it goes through the iteration of demobilizing the car, sending text message and starting up an alarm. The system exhibits a satisfactory performance. BIBLIOGRAPHY [1]. Paul Horowtz and Winfield Hill (2002) The Art of Electronics, 2 nd Edition, Cambridge University press. [2]. TIA/EIA-592 (1998) A Facsimile Digital Interfaces-Asynchronous Facsimile DCE Control Standard, Service Class 2. [3]. Ronald J. (Monroe Community College) and Neal S. Widmer (Purdue University) (2005) Digital Systems Principles and Application, 8 th Edition, Prentice- Hall India. 4]. AT Command Set (2005) For Nokia GSM/SAGEM and WCDMA Product Version 1. 2. [5]. Robert R. (1998) Modern Control System, 8 th Edition, New York. [6]. Muhammad Ali Mazidi and Janice Gillispie Mazadi (www. asadali. tk)” the 8051 microcontroller and embedded systems” ; Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng Kung University of Taiwan. [7]. Zarlink Semiconductor (1993) Application Note on MT8870 Integrated DTMF Receiver. [8]. Forrest M. MIMS III Getting Started in Electronics. [9]. Muhammed Ali Mazidi (2 nd edition) The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded System Using Assembly and C [10].

Rashid R. (1998) Power Electronics, Circuit Device and Application, 2 th Edition, Prentice hall. [11]. Donal Heffernan (2002) 8051 Tutorial, University of Limerick. [12]. Theraja B. L. and Theraja A. K. (2003) A Text of Electrical Technology, 23 th Edition, Schand and Company Ltd. New Delhi. [13]. Mazidi M. (1987) 8051 Assembly Language Programming and Interfacing, Prentice Hall, USA. [14]. http//www. gogle/Ebedtroniccs. [15]. Hall F. and Lister P. F (1980), Microprocessor Fundamentals, Pitman, London. [16]. Horowitz P. and Hill W. (1989), The Art of Electronics, 2nd Edition, Cambridge University press.

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