A Critical Analysis of ” a Modest Proposal”

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Critical Analysis of “A Modest Proposal” John was simply observing what his country was like when he came up with this idea for the Kingdom to look at. He was just thinking about ways he could help his country and people on the wealthier side happy to. First, he thought that he would say how many people don’t have money and how to make them useful, and then he stated how using these people to the countries advantage, and finally explained how he thought how it would be looked down upon. Jonathan Swift seriously looks at what we look down upon and views it from a different perspective in his essay” A Modest Proposal. Swift draws his readers in by the way he speaks and tells the truth about what he was thinking. Swift appeals to his readers with his way of using examples we never think could happen. Most people in this time would never think of eating the homeless people’s children but he turned it into his way of looking out for his country. He talks about how the different people in his country would use them. When he talks about how the richer people could use the infants for different meals or to entertain guests. Swift also says how every part of that child could be used.

Readers find his examples truthful because of when he was writing this essay. Swift takes the way people would think about this subject one step further when he says how many people he thinks would support his view. This tragedy he is speaking about was interesting to people because of the way he presented it when he wrote this essay. People would never eat another person’s child but he explains that if they did it would help his countries tragedy. Then at the end he also throws in that he has a nine year old and a wife past childbearing years. So he was looking out for himself at the end of all this.

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