A Critique of Linda Prine’s “Abortion is not a bad thing” - Part 2

In her article “Abortion is not a bad thing”, published on June 24, 2013, the family medicine practitioner and the founder of the Reproductive Health Access Project medical director Dr - A Critique of Linda Prine’s “Abortion is not a bad thing” introduction. Linda Prinehighly defend and stick to the issue that abortion itself as an experience can be positive however our culture fails to praise the women rights in taking life-term decision and demonizes women instead for having an abortion. She also shed the light on the importance of supporting the women on abortion to destigmatize the associated shame.

Prine sees that it is quite enough to struggle for education and work, and here comes abortion to postpone having childrenuntil better ambience for rising children is ensured. Hearing and feeling that the tough jobs they do in the societies as expertized women are highly recognized, appreciated and respected is much needed. The article’s writer begins her article with disconcertion by the allegation that women getting abortionsare being to an extent distressed.

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It is the responsibility of our culture that ruin the image of women for obtaining an abortion while the abortion familiarity itself can be affirmative. The main target is to enlarge the right to have abortions while decreasing the dishonor associated with it, so that the society as whole will recognize it as very mutual and an ordinary part of life. Assertion from physicians, supporting women and their decisions, aims a long way towards removing the shame of abortion.

Women are almost encouraged to bring a close person to support them and then to praise that person, for the way in which he strengthens her and their relationship. While activists for abortion rights pretend that lessening the abortions number is mostly important. Prine disagrees and argues that unwanted births is the calamity, it should be decreased. A woman can be a super mother only when she is ready and enough prepared for it, in other words after she had pursued for good education and work.

That’s why it was good to postpone children and here appears why abortion is not a bad thing. A wise usage of social power gives respect to all women, as well as their decisions, supportive relationships and experience which results in surpassing most of the social obstacles that blocks social development. In the article, the author Linda Prine wants to convince us, using her life and career experience as a woman and as a family medicine practitioner. She had succeeded to an extent in doing her aim.

She was absolutely credible in trying to persuade us that abortion is really not a bad thing bytaking advantages of the readers emotions using a sensual languageby giving several life examples she used to experience in her career that made her certain that abortion is not that bad as the 16-year-old couple who came scared to her clinic, and how they relaxed a bit after she talked to them when they realized that she is helping them as well as the two mother/daughter pairs who realized after her visit how great their jobs when they are supporting their daughters goals in getting more education.

The audience definitely empathizes with the women’s psychological state and the fear she feels before abortion and that after, this is the emotional appeal, it is an appeal to pathos. Being the founder of the Reproductive Health Access Project medical director and a writer, people feels that the issue is more granted as an idea to adopt, and this is was another reason why she was credible. Here appealing to ethos is absolutely achieved as this is a clear zoom into the writer’s character and his respect to the reader.

She insists that our societies are responsible for damaging the woman’s image for having an abortion which can be almost positive, while they should be supportive and respective for the women and their decisions, supportive relationships and experience. The logical reasoning she followed is well detailed and with no hard terminology it could be followed easily. She emphasizes the necessity to decrease the shame associated with abortion so that it becomes something normal and undebatable. She suggests and encourages as a doctor the support of women having abortion especially from the closely people.

She also sees abortion as positive in postponing children till better life situations are achieved. Logical fallacies were evaded which is excellent. To make it simple, she makes the reader well understand the importance and how serious the issue is especially when she related the positive effects of abortion to the women world especially and to the society as a whole. She is absolutely a good persuader. One cannot deny that Prine was so logical in the way she presented her issue and supported it.

Not only she let the issue enter into the reader’s heart, but she made that heart think how tender she is to be concerned with the promotion of the women rights by this way. She was biased in developing her argument as she neglected to state any counterargument. She even disagreed with the activists of abortion rights that they need to decrease the number of abortions. She insists instead that abortion is very normal. Outlining few opposing views would have made her argument better, no counter arguments were present.

As a family doctor and writer at the same time, her role should notbe limited only to ease the abortion for females, her duty must extend to awake young couples before committing the mistake of unwanted pregnancy. In her argument she only stuck to the necessity of social acceptance of women having abortions but she didn’t mention any moral, religious and conscious overview. Abortion is against God, it is denied by all religions. Abortion is also related to the basic human values, so women should be less egoistic and more humanitarian regarding those unborn babies.

Abortion is not safe, she shouldn’t have muted this issue as a family doctor as she should know that abortion industry is not regulated and it can be accompanied with a mother death. She should have stated medical and social wise that it is a better alternative than having a defective fetus or child. All of those were not mentioned. Prine’s work presented abortion as a solid basis towhistle blow the need of the women rights in the society and the importance of respecting them. An underestimation of the effects of mentioning the counterarguments decreased her creativity. Although the way she presents her claim is so logical.

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