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A day without a mexican

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“A Day Without A Mexican” Here in the southwestern part of the United States, Spanish culture and their people play a big role in our society. They are very hard workers and regardless If they are here legally or are undocumented, our economy is highly dependent on their presence. There are many false accusations floating around that they are harming our nation in many fashions, however most of them are untrue and biased. In the movie “A Day Without A Mexican”, It gave a glimpse of how life might be In the southern part of the united States If the Mexican, Latino, and other nationalities were o longer here.

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A day without a mexican
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This movie was cheesy, however It got the point across that there are a lot of misconceptions about the Mexican people that live among us. The movie has a lot of Ideas that It tries to convey to the audience, but a couple stood out In my mind. The mall one Is that the Mexican population Is very Important to our society and economy.

If they were not here to work and take the Jobs that most Americans wouldn’t want, then the prices of our goods would sky rocket.

In the movie, all of the Mexican people and other nationalities that come her for a “better life” separated, and as one result, the entire states crops died off and they were running out of fresh fruit and vegetables. Mostly likely without them, our produce industry would collapse if they were to disappear all of a sudden. Another main topic that stood out to me was that they make up about one third of the population, and if illegal and legal people were to no longer have their Jobs, many parts of society would likely shut down do to lack of capability to continue on daily work.

For example in the movie, they had to close down the schools because many of the teachers were o longer present and the kids had taken over and were no longer obeying the few authority members left. The movie mentions quite a few stereotypes about Mexican-American people and other illegal people, but the one that stuck out most me was talking about how many people think that undocumented people are exploiting the healthcare and social security programs and getting many necessary things in life for free. This is in fact not true, as in the movie a many stated that the illegal people contribute to social that annually.

This means that there is a great “profit” to the state. Another good stereotype that was talked about was how Just because certain races look similar, or a person is illegal in this country, many people assume they are all from Mexico. People come from all over the world In search of a better life and Job opportunities, Just because Mexico Is a large supplier of these people does not mean that they are all from there. Many are from Central America and South American countries as well, yet some Americans call them all Mexicans.

Most of what the movie was talking about, we had briefly mentioned In class; forever, watching this movie solidified the Ideas In my head. Although having a large population that Is illegal Is less than Ideal to our governments legal systems, It does than where they came from, and it also gives our economy a cheaper labor to depend on for certain products. I also learned from this movie some more subtle but occurring stereotypes that I had never heard of. Perhaps this is due to the location in the movie being California, but it was interesting to hear about them.

The part about the produce industry collapsing might have been exaggerated, but I’m sure that there s some truth to the dependence on the foreign people that are desperate for a Job. Watching a comedy that showed how biased much of the media is that tells the rest of the country what to think taught me a lot. Watching this movie was a great way to learn and confront past ideas that have been told to me throughout my life regarding Mexican-American people and illegal aliens. They support our economy and without them, our lifestyles would not be possible. They are very important and we should start treating them as such.

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