about Development Economics Essay

The course shows the wide diversity across the developing world, and the differing positions in the global economy held by developing countries. The principles of development economics are key to understanding how we to to where we are, and why many development problems are so difficult to solve; and to the design of successful economic development policy and programs as we look ahead. Both theory and empirical analysis in development economics have made major strides. This course presents contending theories and interpretations of evidence, with three goals.

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The first goal is to ensure that students understand real conditions and institutions across the developing world. The second, is to help students develop analytic skills while broadening their perspectives of the wide scope of the field. The third, is to provide students tit the resources to draw independent conclusions as they confront development problems, their sometimes ambiguous evidence, and real-life development policy choices-?ultimately to play an informed role in the struggle for economic development and poverty alleviation.

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