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The competitor with the longest jump at the end of intention is declared the winner. There are four main components of the long jump: the approach run, takeoff, the flight, and landing. The approach This is the most imp stage of the event. The objective of the approach is to gradually accelerate to a maximum controlled speed at takeoff. The most important factor for the distance traveled by an object is its velocity at takeoff – both the speed and angle. The approach runway is about 40-45 meter long in an international competition.

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The last two strides are extremely important because they determine the velocity with which the competitor will enter the jump Take off The objective of the takeoff is to create a vertical impulse through the athlete’s center of gravity while maintaining balance and control. It has to be precise and not too far from plasticize strip. THe leap should be 1-1. 5 meters high. Elf it is less the athlete may touch the pit early covering a shorter distance.

There are four main styles of takeoff: the kick style, double-arm style, print takeoff, and the power sprint or bounding takeoff.

The Flight In these stage the athlete chin and chest are raised up with back arched backwards. The athlete the swings his hip forward and lifts feet up to cover maximum distance. There are three major flight techniques for the long jump: the hang the sail, and the hitch-kick. It is important to note that once the body is airborne, there is nothing that the athlete can do to change the direction they are traveling and consequently where they are going to land in the pit.

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