A Difficult Decision - Part 2

Abstract Decision making is one of the hardest things a human being can do for themselves - A Difficult Decision introduction. The decisions people make, they do to either better themselves or worsen themselves. Decision making could be: what college someone’s going to or making a big change in their lives like moving. Others would make a bad decision, whether it’s ignoring good advice or going as far as doing drugs. Some people would make decisions because of the situation there in and is an impulse decision, but sometimes it turns out good.

A Difficult Decision For four and a half years, I thought my mother was actually starting to change, but, in reality I misled myself into believing something that wasn’t true. I was a responsible student, worked and thought everything was going well and where I wanted it to be. The last few months that I lived with my mother and step-father, everything went spiraling into complete and total chaos. The last week, was the worst and best thing that has ever happened for me, and also the most difficult decision of my life.

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The start of everything In July of 2013, my life started to spiral out of control, I just graduated high school and was looking for work consistently. My mother insisted that I pay rent, every week until I could find my own place to live; at first I didn’t mind that, I just needed to find a job and fast. I luckily found a job a month later, I was doing very well there and then I got second job. I wasn’t making that much money and my mom kept insisting that the rent I’m supposed to pay, is more than the last time.

I barely made the amount she wanted me to pay a week, so I tried to find other things I could possibly do to make more money; I was out of luck. My mom and I started to argue a lot over the littlest things. I was trying to get myself out of that house as soon as possible, the living conditions were very bad no matter what I would try to do, no food, filthy house. I was never home to do any of the cleaning because I was always at work or on my spare time see the people I really care about; but, it started to get worse. Getting worse

As the months started to drag on bye, my living situation became increasingly worse. I had found out that my mother and her husband were doing drugs. I really didn’t appreciate the way they used me and thought I was stupid enough to believe they weren’t doing anything. They started accusing me of stealing things, and doing things that I never even thought about doing. One day my mother called the police on me and she had told the police officer that I had attacked her. This was the most hurtful thing imaginable, my own mother, calling the police on me.

What happened was, I wanted the money I had lent to her back ($50), I needed the money for some food, she kept resisting giving me my money back; I saw the money laying on the counter, so I went and got it and she, repeatedly kicked me in the stomach and bit me. Never once, would I ever put a hand on my mother. I’m really glad I had people in my life that would take care of me whenever I needed a helping hand. The eviction The last week that I saw my mother was the day I received an eviction notice from her, right before Christmas.

I was very hurt and I had no idea what to do, I’ve never been in this situation before; I was scared. She said that I didn’t do anything around the house to help, so I had to go. I Know why she evicted me and I hope that someday that she will get the help that she needs. A couple of days after I had received the eviction notice, I found a place to live. It was not an easy move, but it was the best choice I have ever made. On December 7, 2013 I said my final goodbyes to my mother and have not seen or mumbled a single word to her, since that day.

Where I went People, who I’m not even related to, treated me just like their family. I call her my aunt Tonya; she has been sheltering me since that day. She offered me a place to stay, and I took the offer. The difficult decision was that I had to move an hour and a half away, from my family and friends. They all understood, and want me to succeed in life, and show people I will make something of myself and prove the people that told me I couldn’t wrong. Now, I’m focusing better on school, and plan to succeed.

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