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A Dream of a Visionary Indian Leader

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A Dream of a visionary Indian leader India today needs a visionary leader, a leader who considers his task to get his people from where they are to where they have never been. Quite simply, we need to look for a leader who can strive to help liberate the fullness of his people’s talents while he pursues a vision. And one of the things he needs to work the hardest is to develop an ability to be present based but future focused as well.

A great leader needs to master the twin skills of managing the present while at the same time, inventing the future.

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A Dream of a Visionary Indian Leader
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He must create, shape and nurture a new blueprint for the future. Everyone says we are so fortunate to live in this age of information. But what most people fail to appreciate is that information alone is not power. Power and competitive advantage come only when sound information is decisively acted upon. The Right to Information Act is there for us.

Unless we use it to contain underhand dealings, it is useless to talk of the growing corrupt system in our society.

Can we think of anyone in this state who is truly committed to implement this Act in toto? The answer is positively a big NO. A visionary leader ought to see himself as liberator rather than limiters of human talents; his priority is to develop his people’s potential. Every single person on this planet has a desire to expand and improve as a person. We need a leader who could sincerely dedicate himself to liberating rather than stifling the talents of the people under his leadership.

The bottom line is simply this: people who feel superb about themselves generate superb results. This leadership truth has stood the test of time. Never neglect it. The bitter truth about India is that most leaders have never offered their people opportunities to test and liberate the energies within them. Rather than showing them what success looks like and then letting them use their creativity and resourcefulness to get there, the vast majority of leaders micromanage and dictate the path to be followed at every step of the way.

They treat their people as immature, dependent and incapable of decision making and independent thought. Infact, a true leader produces leaders, not followers. Over time, this type of leadership has stifled imagination, energy and spirit. Today we lack innovation, productivity and performance. ‘Leaders should lead as far as they can and then vanish,’ wrote H. G. Wells. ‘Their ashes should not chalk the fire they have lit’. Therefore need of the hour is to allow the people to flourish as they work toward their vision.

Visionary leader has the wisdom to push his people up rather than keep them down. “Two things are bad for the heart – running uphill and running down people”. ‘The unhappiness, unease and unrest in the world today are caused by people living far below their capacity’. So a visionary leader measures his success not by the extent of his power, but by how many lives he touches, how many lives he transforms and by the number of people he empowers. Today we are at the crossroads where we have to urgently decide on our future.

Let us decide that we shall live for our poorer brothers and sisters and in the process we shall be regarded as noble hearted and humanised as we deserve to be. Let us seek for such potential leadership which may help us on our path to glory and not condemn us to the dustbins in the history of mankind. Let there be a day when small children are taken to a poverty museum like a science museum where they shiver at the plight of the way people used to live in the last millennium. We need a Dream. A vision. A great Indian Dream.

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