A Fanzine Feeding Frenzy Essay

Dennis McHaney is a one man wrecking crew on eBay these days, snagging exorbitant prices for publishing oddities from early in his career - A Fanzine Feeding Frenzy Essay introduction.   Currently a copy of his very first issue of The Howard Review, a small odd-sized mimeographed affair, bound with tape and cardboard is knocking on the door of $700.00.  That’s more than I paid for my first car! Meanwhile, a copy of Cryptic’s Lewd Tales, a thin booklet of bawdy Howard tales, went for $89.00 while a copy of Glenn Lord’s classic collectible Etchings in Ivory went for only $78.45.  Where will the madness end?  I guess when collectors run out of money, or when their spouses catch on and put a stop to it.  Of course, I’m not speaking from personal experience on that last one.

UPDATE: This copy of The Howard Review #1 sold for a whopping $877.77!  That has to be a world record price for a Howard fanzine, heck any fanzine.

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A Fanzine Feeding Frenzy
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