A Kept Person/Therapeutic Cloning Essay

Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning


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I am not a very religious person but have been born in an environment where religion has always been given prime importance - A Kept Person/Therapeutic Cloning Essay introduction. As such, I believe questioning everything form a religious perspective has become a genetically instilled trait of mine. Therefore, I would first prefer to answer the question as to whether therapeutic cloning has given rise to a type of ownership to human beings from a religious perspective first.


Not only the Christian church but all religions have been deeply distrustful of cloning for any purpose(Kass , 1998). Most religions hold the human body to be sacred and profiteering through it (the performance of such expensive procedures by medical professionals is seen as profiteering) is sinful in the eyes of God. Furthermore, the human body has been ordained on us by the Divine Being and meddling in the workings of the higher order in my eyes is destined to have a bad end because human beings can never compete with God.


Religious perspective aside, I wholeheartedly embrace the view that cloning gives rise to human ownership. If research institutions are to be the owners of our clones even for medicinal purposes, who is going to ensure that owners do not abuse their possessions? After all, if I own something, I will consider myself the master of it and will be within my rights to do what I please with it. So, even ethically, I disagree with the concept of cloning because if research schools are going to own our clones, who will, as a Spanish proverb goes, ‘guard the guards?”.


To conclude, I fully agree that such cloning practices give rise to human ownership which can be harmful. It can definitely be scary if someone has your healthy organ such as your brain but does not think like you and worse uses your brain (the way I look at it) for evil purposes. If even therapeutic cloning is allowed by governments, proper steps should be taken to ensure it is not abused.





Kass, L. (1998). The Ethics of Human Cloning. USA: AEI press.



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