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Diversity training is aimed at achieving the parties’ cultural awareness, skills and understanding which are expected to benefit a firm through protection against the violation of civil rights - A key Area of Organizational Training Essay introduction. Various identity groups should also be included in the identity groups. This wide inclusion of identity groups aims at making them understand each other’s cultural aspects so that they can work as per the organizational culture. The participants are normally from various national cultures which may be different from the firm’s culture resulting in a conflict of interests. Diversity training therefore provides a common thinking to those participating leading to a realization of the entity’s mission statement. Improved team work will be realized out of training people with various identities together. Mutual understanding is expected from various cultures, heterogeneous combinations and demographics that are differing. Motivation on group members is possible and a goal oriented behavior is realized. The participants will feel highly satisfied to work for their employer and the entity ends up being more productive.


Diversity training should be morally right. It should have respect to various individuals engaged in the production process. It should be well designed program that understands differences in those participating. It should also be morally sound, focusing on talents and strengths of the entity’s most valuable assets, the human capital. The process should utilize minimum resources as possible so that the entity’s profitability can be minimized at the lowest cost possible. It should be based on the fact that the human capital is of diverse education, training, skills, experience and knowledge. Diverse training should be an ideological reeducation to enable the attaining of an organization’s goals. It should concentrate on both differences and commonalities. As a key area of organizational training, it should result in mutual understanding and enable the resolving of conflicts. It should also facilitate networking of an organization’s members. Diverse training should facilitate the mentoring process, to make use of an organization’s silver work force.

(Michael, 2009 P. 6-21)





















Michael, B. (2009). Diversity Training. New York: Nerd Press.


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