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A Leadership Role

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Power and Leadership relate immensely to each other. In the tragedy Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, Brutus carries good leadership qualities through his power.

Brutus makes good and bad decisions, but takes careful thought and consideration for each. Brutus portrays an excellent leader because he puts himself last, presents proper strategic maneuvers, and encourages loyalty. Brutus cares more for his country of Rome, than he does himself.Brutus loves his country and wants only the best for it.

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A Leadership Role
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He made the decision to assassinate Caesar, his best friend, only for the good of Rome.

This shows that Brutus puts his feelings last, which is a admirable quality in a leader. He completes what is right for the country he strives for, even if it hurts his ethics and personal life. “…O Caesar, The heart of Brutus earns to think upon” (II, ii, 128-129).

This quote explains that even though Brutus reveals himself disturbed by the thought of killing Caesar, he remains motivated through the good of his country.

Brutus also illustrates qualities of a leader when he positions defense forces.When Brutus places strategic maneuvers during battle, he proves good leadership. “If at Philippi we do face him there, These people at our back” (IV, iii 209-210).

This quote explains when Brutus decides to travel to the battle instead of letting it come to them. This strategic move employs the town of Philippi, which adds numbers to Brutus’ army. In this act, Brutus exemplifies leadership. He also shows leadership qualities when he inspires loyalty.

Brutus demonstrates loyalty to everyone he knows. He shows people his loyal attitude wherever he wanders. “Yet, countrymen, O, yet hold up your heads!” (V, iv, 1). This quote details when Brutus talks to his army on the battlefield.

He asks his soldiers to hold there heads up. This makes them proud and more loyal to the cause. Brutus’ loyalty set off onto others and made them faithful to the reason they fought. Brutus shows awesome leadership in this work.

All in all, Brutus defines an excellent leader. He puts the best for others first. Brutus makes wonderful defense tactic decisions. And he encourages everyone to comprise loyalty.

Brutus suggests everything to be a great and remarkable leader.

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