A meaningful event that made me reflect on my life - Life Essay Example

A meaningful event that made me reflect on my life



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It was another ordinary working day when I arrived in my office in the morning of that unforgettable day that would influence my attitude in life forever. Barely five minutes after switching my PC “on,” I felt a mild temblor. (During the past seven days, there have been a series of mild earthquakes in the metropolitan area where I worked. The local weather station has announced earlier that a major earthquake could be on its way but no one knows where it will strike.) At about 9:05 in the morning, the second mild temblor struck but this time, it did not stop as usual; it rather grew stronger … then stronger … and stronger … then entering the threshold of intensity 6 magnitude of the Richter Scale … and it continued … then it started to shake our building for about 20 seconds! Our female employees trembled in intense fear; others rushed toward each other to seek comfort; while most of the males tried to demonstrate their courageous masculinity by trying to ignore it.

For about 10 seconds, the intensity of the earthquake subsided to its lowest level, then it started to come back with its first wave of aftershocks … and then our building began to sway … I felt we were riding in a ship tossed by giant waves in a turbulent sea. Filing cabinets and working desks were rocked and moved … female employees started to shout and cry … pandemonium broke loose in our office where almost everyone sought to save him/herself. Some scurried under the shaking desks; some rushed toward to the exit stairways; others were almost utterly confused not knowing what to do except to run without any direction inside the building. Why do I have these memories impressed in my mind? Where was I then? I made a snap decision, perhaps, on the 21st second of the progressing aftershock, that it would be futile for me to try to save my life from the raging earthquake from the 14th floor to the ground floor so that I rather stood on my two feet while being swayed relentlessly; closed my eyes; then prayed: “Lord God, perhaps, this is my end, please be with our mother always, and bless my sisters and brother, please forgive all my sins, Amen.” I kept repeating this prayer while my eyes were closed and remained standing amidst the shaking building; I imagined myself being crushed by concrete debris any moment soon within the next 35 seconds. Yes, I had been dead and my life today is my second.

After the 45-second unnerving experience, we learned that the epicenter of the killer earthquake was 150 kilometers away from our building. Hotels and other buildings collapsed in that city and hundreds of people were burred alive. In the neighboring localities, the ground cracked open so wide that they could devour an entire house. Railways were bent like snakes. Our building moved by 14 centimeters! After this experience, I learned that nature is a great teacher and each individual human being is a constant student in life. Later, I would come across the book of Dr. Elizabeth Hurlock (1980) from which I learned that our past brought us to what we are today; and what we do today will determine what we become tomorrow.



1.      Hurlock, E. b. (1980). Developmental Psychology A Life-Span Approach (5th ed.). New York, NYL McGraw-Hill Book Company.

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