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How much data has been modified between the last back and the time of failure? None. Nothing was changed between the last successful backup and the failure 2. What images are necessary to recover the workstation? Original image along with the latest backups 3. What are the necessary steps to fix the problem that caused the data loss? Check logs for the cause, determine the fix, rummage the system, and restore the yester to last back up state and disable any issues. . What steps should Ken 7 take to avoid a reoccurring of this issue? Read the logs to find out what caused the issue Procedure guide: Read the logs to decide what caused the error Re-llama the computer to default coning Restore to first available backup Restore process: Click on Properties (from start) Locate the system protection tab in system prop menu Select hard disk to use System Restore and click Confining

Select Restore system settings and previous version of files Click Scan for affect programs to ensure deletion Click Finish, System Restore will provide a warning that the process had started, and it cannot be interrupted.

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It will prompt you to continue, and after a few window pop up prompting you to proceed restoration.

Allow Windows to complete the full restoring of the PC, restart the computer and log back on again, and it should be back to normal.

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