A New Edition of Almuric from Leonaur Publishing Essay

British publisher Leonaur has just published a new edition of Almuric.  Howard’s sword and planet novel originally appeared in 1939 as a three part serial in Weird Tales (Part 1, May 1939;  Part 2, June-July 1939;  Part 3, August 1939) - A New Edition of Almuric from Leonaur Publishing Essay introduction. The book is available in both softcover and hardcover formats and has a stunning, stylized cover illustration and lettering.  Here is the blurb from the back-cover:

Esau Cairn is a man-mighty of frame and quick of temper-out of time and place and now the corrupt forces of the modern world are closing in on him. As he turns at bay he takes refuge with a scientist who provides the extraordinary solution for his problems by transporting Cairn across space to a new world! Instantaneously transported to the planet of Almuric where he arrives naked and unarmed and is immediately beset by strange predators and equally strange hirsute and ferocious warriors. Now begins an adventure in the classic Robert E Howard tradition of savage warfare, beautiful women, bizarre civilizations and flesh eating, black winged vampire creatures led by a terrible Queen who has particular plans for Cairn. Howard enthusiasts will be familiar with this famous fantasy, presented in this new Leonaur edition in softcover and collectors hardcover with dustjacket.

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