A New Issue of Glenn Lord’s The Howard Collector Essay

Here is a special announcement from Paul Herman on a fantastic surprise to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Howard Collector:

That’s right, after 28 years of quiet, The Howard Collector, the first and greatest REH journal, has returned. Started by Glenn Lord in 1961, THC served as a venue for REH studies, and set the standard for REH periodicals. Collecting rare and previously unpublished REH stories, poems and letters, along with book reviews, and interesting historical information from REH’s friends and associates, THC was uniquely situated to provide the best of everything.

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A New Issue of Glenn Lord’s The Howard Collector
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Glenn acquired the famed Trunk of lost materials, and he served as the literary agent for the REH heirs for more than 30 years. Glenn also tracked down and visited with several of REH’s friends, and accordingly gaining access to even more material. And finally, Glenn is the kind of person who crafts a book with class, subtlety and care, to create a book without silly flash, just great meat on them bones.

THC ran for 18 issues, ending in 1973, as Glenn got too busy with the business of REH to deal with cranking out a fanzine. Those original 18 issues are now highly collectible, and contain all sorts of rare and interesting REH works and discussion. Go check them out on eBay, sometime, and see the prices these fetch.

Glenn has been retired from the world of REH for more than a decade now. But Dennis McHaney had the idea of seeing if Glenn would be interested in doing another issue in his spare time. A group of us chatted with Glenn, and he decided to do it. With the kind permission of Paradox, and the efforts of a few friends (including Rob Roehm), the latest issue is now available. A lot of research and work went into trying to properly match fonts, styles, paper, etc. Contents include an introduction by Glenn Lord, a previously unpublished REH poem, a previously unpublished REH drawing, a previously unpublished Breck Elkins fragment, and the infamous first draft of “Black Canaan,” the one that REH said the editors “cut the guts out of.” The guts are back in. And finally, some book reviews by the great Fred Blosser.

The print run is limited to 200 copies total. The book is a fat 52 pages, and sells for $20. As Glenn has better things to do, I’m handling the shipping. Shipping in the US is $3 First Class, $6 Priority. Insurance is $2. For non-US destinations, please contact me.

Checks or money orders can be sent to:

Paul Herman
P.O. Box 250526
Plano, TX 75025

or to pay via PayPal, click here for the e-mail address.

Note this book was debuted and on sale for a couple hours in Cross Plains during Howard Days this past weekend, and about a third of them were sold, without many folks even getting to see it. When they are gone, they are gone. All profits go directly to Glenn.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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