A Plant Tour at Coca Cola Philippines Essay

On the second day, we went to the COCA-COLA BOTTLERS PHILIPPINES located also at Sta. Rosa, Laguna; we were instructed to wear our organizational shirt and must wear also our closed shoes. We were divided into four (according the bus we rode) for more systematic tour. We waited for more than an hour inside the bus, we took pictures, had some storytelling and videoke to kill the boredom when suddenly Mrs. Belen went inside the bus and gave us souvenir (a coca-cola i.

d. trap), when our time has arrived, we walk going inside doing a straight line.

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A Plant Tour at Coca Cola Philippines
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We first entered the coca-cola pavilion. The Coca-Cola Pavilion is a museum and theater complex at the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. The museum features the story of Coca-Cola in the Philippines, discussing its past, present and future, through exhibits and video presentations. It also highlights a collection of memorabilia, which includes a soda fountain with a functional CD-playing jukebox.

We watched a film showing the history of success of coca-cola, after then, we went to the next room “the museum room of coca-cola”.

The tour guide told us that we can take some pictures inside for additional souvenirs. They also gave us coca-cola beverage for us to refresh ourselves. We now then went to the room where the beverages were made, we saw some specialist inside another room doing maybe some research. They make sure that all the bottles were perfectly clean and all the mixtures were mixed well for the satisfaction of the costumers.

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