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A Real Treasure in Life

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Life on earth is full of challenges.  It is all about a test of survival.  Each and every person can attest to that.  A person learns to mature as he or she goes through the most excruciating challenges that life throws upon his or her way.  In a person’s quest for survival, he or she looks up to certain people for inspiration.  It is through the inspiration one can find in certain people that he or she is draws strength from in battling life’s obstacles.  However, although a person can find inspiration in not just a single person, there would always be someone will stands out from all the rest.  And when that someone emerges, the one regarding him or her as an inspiration will then struggle to live a life of resemblance.

Nonetheless, it is best to live life based on our own rules.  While we may draw inspiration from those people who we regard to be highly influential in our lives, we must not be blinded by their faults.  Instead, we should learn from them.  We must learn to decipher right from wrong.  Life’s experiences, both happy and sad serve as lessons.  Through it, we learn to mature.  Because of it, we strive to survive life and aim to become the best we could possibly be.

Treasure Island is a novel that presents the sordid side in the life of seafarers and portrays the unfair treatment of the strong and the cruel to the weak and innocent ones.  Written by Robert Louis Stevenson, it is centered upon suspense and violent behavior which are two basic components of an adventure tale (Stevenson, 1998).  Towards the end of the story, the protagonist, Jim Hawkins was introduced to the ruthless world of betrayal, greed, murder, and bloodshed.

The novel is full of challenges, uncertainties, and victories similar to other thrilling and entertaining tales of adventure and discovery.  The lessons are imparted through the successes and failures experienced by the characters portrayed.  Through it, the tale appears to be more realistic and less didactic.

Jim is also serves as the narrator for just about the entire length of the novel.  The son of an innkeeper in Bristol is usually impetuous and impulsive in his actions.  Nonetheless, Jim displays growing wisdom and sensitivity as the story progresses.  In the same way as the story develops, his character undergoes significant changes.  He displays increasing skill, valor, maturity, and perspective towards the end.

He is quite naïve at the start of the story.  Towards the end, however, he has met death head-on, sailed through the great waters, and faced fatal threats on several instances, killed a man in order to save his own life, mustered his skill and guts to survive, and was awarded with a portion of treasure that most would kill for.

Jim is a character who is not conceited.  Instead his achievements and failures even rendered him humble.  He holds himself accountable for all his actions.  In his faults, he finds no justifications.  He admits to the time when he is in panic, caught undecided, or feels regret towards his actions.  He never bragged solely of his accomplishments.  His sincerity and honesty are among his notable traits.  In effect, his remarkable traits cause the noble and epic claims of the other characters appear like an empty bluster.  The presentation of his successes and failures are the elements that makes Jim’s story more realistic.

The story is more than a tale of adventure.  It is also about a story of a young boy’s journey towards maturity.  The Treasure Island is the story of a boy who has outsmarted pirates, took control of a ship, and saved peoples’ lives along the way.  Jim is a boy who might not have grown in age, but has gained a significant level of maturity out of life.

The character I can relate the most with is Jim Hawkins.  This is because he inspires me to go on in life not matter how hard the circumstances upon which I find myself in may be.  His story seems to tell me that life may be hard but I must be tougher.  I will not be who I want to be if I would readily give up in the face of the most daring challenge that comes my way.

I have been through the incredibly hard times in my life.  Also, I must say that I have also experienced the utterly happy moments that moves me to be grateful for being alive.  Still, I know for certain that I have to face innumerable challenges as long as I live.  Although I have said that life has already tested me beyond my limits, it is not that I deny the fact that no one knows whether or not the toughest challenge could be still ahead.

For me, that is the beauty of life.  It is but a test of character.  It is about moving past one’s perceived limits only to realize that he or she can do so much more.  It teaches us to believe in ourselves.  It inspires us to go on no matter how many times we find ourselves on the verge of giving up.

Life presents us opportunities for greatness.  It gives us a fair chance to succeed.  It gives us the power to realize our dreams.  It allows us to enjoy the fruits of our hard labor.

No one ever said that the path that leads to success has already been laid out.  While the stretch could already be set halfway, at some point, one has to lay his own path to follow.  The road to success is not straight.  It has its sharp bends, surprising curves, and seriously twisted ends.  But as long as one is determined to move past the seemingly overwhelming odds, success is sure to be found at the end of the road.

Just like Jim in the Treasure Island, I want to find for my own self the treasure I deserve out of this life.  It does not have to be anything material.  It would be more rewarding if it is something intangible but utterly valuable.

I will not deny that I dream of riches, fame, and fortune at one point of the other.  However, as I age, I know that material possessions can only serve me to a certain extent.  I could guarantee a life of luxury to my successors given the chance.  But I am very much aware that there will come a time when it will all be gone.

At this point in my life, I long for something that would last.  I want to be remembered as someone who lived her life to the full.  I want to leave a legacy when I am gone.  I want to be remembered not by what I own or by through what I accomplished while I am living.

I want those people whose lives I have touched in one way or the other to serve as living testimonies to what kind of the person I am.  I want to be serve as an inspiration for them to continue being optimistic although we all live in an undeniably mad world.  It is hard but it is possible.

Success is most fulfilling when it surfaces from the greatest frustration.  It is best to meet face to face with success when we just left our final defenses down and we are at our weakest.  For it is in our weakness that we find our strength.  It is that single ounce of strength that is left when we could have already faltered.

Life indeed is filled with challenges that we all have to face.  Turning away from it is not an option.  Nevertheless, come to think of it, the challenges exist to make us better individuals.  It dares us to dream and test all conceivable possibilities.  No matter how many times we fail, we must keep an eye on the goal.  Although the sight can get blurred at times, we only fail the moment we give up.

Jim Hawkins is one of the people who had lived life the best way he knew how.  He braved all seemingly insurmountable obstacles and kept going amidst uncertainties - A Real Treasure in Life Essay introduction.  He acknowledges his weakness and that what makes him human.  It is the very reason he is the inspiration I regard him to be.  I am not perfect but I can be better.

Challenges will remain in this world even after I am long gone.  I have to live with that fact and resolve to surface from it at all times, at all costs, in the best way I know how.  With that in mind, I can be like Jim.  I may not be as great as him, but the lessons I gain from the journey I thread in my attempt to follow in his footsteps has been worth my while so far.  I will always be grateful to life because of that.



Stevenson, R.L. (1998). Treasure Island. New York: Signet Classic.

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