A Rebel and a Staghorn Essay

In its December issue, Texas Monthly magazine did an article on the 40 best small town Texas - A Rebel and a Staghorn Essay introduction.  One of my favorites made the list, Johnny Reb’s Dixie Cafe in Hearne.  Every year when we drive up from the Houston area to Cross Plains for Howard days, we have to stop at Johnny’s.  It’s a shining example of what a small town Texas Cafe should be — great food, service and atmosphere.

While it did not make the “best of” list, the Staghorn Cafe in Cross Plains did make the “honorable mention” list:

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A Rebel and a Staghorn
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Why we like the Staghorn: a fluffy-crusted chicken-fried steak in two sizes (normal  and small). Why we like Cross Plains: the annual Barbarian Festival, honoring local  hero Robert E. Howard, who created Conan. 254-725-4986.

A write-up in the Abilene newspaper also made mention of this honor:

The Staghorn Cafe in downtown Cross Plains also received an honorable mention — the first since the restaurant opened five years ago. Owner Porcious Potter said he was proud of the distinction.

“I think we made it because of our ‘secret recipe’ chicken-fried steak,’ Potter said. ‘It is great.”

Sadly, another popular Cross Plains’ eatery, Jean’s Feed Barn, was overlooked.  But no matter, it is a favorite among the locals and all the Howard Heads who come traipsing into Cross Plains each June.

A Rebel and a Staghorn Essay

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