A Rhetorical Analysis of Social Media

Social Media After reading Fox News’s article on Nick Cannon’s White face’ Instating photo and the responses he received, it is clear from user’s responses that controversy was sparked - A Rhetorical Analysis of Social Media introduction. Some were offended and expressed that, others were less harsh on Cannon and but still shared similar sentiments. Reading the offender’s comments it is obvious Cannon connected to his audience’s emotions in a negative manner. On the other hand, there was the audience who took a more logical approach saying that this was humorous but understood it was a double standard.

When I read, “l think a pretty good rule for a selfless is that unless you’re over 40, there shouldn’t be any creases in your forehead”NH Mayer), I smiled because someone other than myself was in agreement that the raising of eyebrows is a ridiculous way to take a picture. It is only contorting your face. Mayer appeals to an audience of people who take “selfless”, giving his stance; if you’re taking a picture of only yourself, you shouldn’t change yourself. This tweet is very logical as Mayer clearly gives his stance. By Correlation

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A Rhetorical Analysis of Social Media
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