A Trip to Remember

“Buddy! Time for our morning walk!” Penelope shouted. Buddy and Penelope would always go for walks in the early morning. As Penelope tried to put Buddy’s collar on he started to bark. “Don’t forget to ask Selena if her family wants to join us on our trip to DisneyWorld!” Penelope’s mom reminded. “Okay, I know!” Penelope yelled back. Penelope and Selena were very close friends, they were friends ever since the 1st grade. While on their morning run, Penelope and Buddy saw Selena taking out the trash. “Oh! Hi Penelope!” Selena shouted. “Hi!” Penelope responded. “I need to ask you if your family wanted to come with us.” “To where?” Selena asked. “To DisneyWorld!” Penelope said. “Sure!” Selena exclaimed. “We’ll be ready by tomorrow at 9:30 am.” “Okay, see you then!” Penelope said. “Alright! Bye.” Selena said excitedly.

The very next day, Penelope and her family were already packed, they had done everything last night. Penelope and her dad were packing some sandwiches for the 3­hour long trip. “5 bologna, 3

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ham, and 7 cheese.” her dad said. “Check, check, and check!” Penelope exclaimed. As penelope was making food, Selena had knocked on the door and yelled, “Are you ready?” “Yes, we’ll be there in a minute!” Penelope exclaimed. She put a leash on Buddy and her family rushed out into the car. “Is everybody in the car?” Selena’s dad asked. “Yes!” everybody yelled. There were so many people in the car! Everyone knew that this was going to be a very long trip.

While in the car, everyone ooh­ed and ahh­ed at the beautiful sights out the window. There

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