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            Carl Robins, the newly hired campus recruiter for ABC Inc., has able to have his first recruitment effort from hiring 15 new trainees for the company despite of then fact that he has only been to ABC Inc for six months. The primary reason for this would be the aggressive operational expansion of ABC Inc which therefore requires additional number of work force to the company. Due to the short deadline that Carl Robins had, he maybe rushed things, plus the fact that he lacks enough skills in performing the said responsibility of recruiting the new trainees for ABC Inc, it resulted to various problems such as incomplete training manuals, application papers of the applicants were not filled completely, lack of medical screening and delayed schedule for training. Getting the recruitment right would be one of the sources of competitive advantage of a given business entity relative to their competitors since this would lead to the attainment of efficient work force (, 2007). If not done right, this led to the deterioration of the productivity of the company.

Key Problems

            On the midst of the recruitment process, it was only during then when Carl Robins realized that there were some vital requirements of the recruitment process that has not yet been satisfied by the trainees and he has only a limited amount to time left to fixed all the mistakes that he committed as the recruiter of the 15 trainees. As an example, the drug test of the trainees has not yet been finalized by the former which is one of the mandatory requirements of the company; also, the trainees did not finished filling up all of the required information on their application form plus the training room has already been reserved for the trainees for the entire month. Because of these circumstances, Carl Robins was on the brink of failing the required recruitment process for ABC Inc. in this regard, there was a great possibility of him losing the trust of Monica Carrolls, the head of the Operations Department of ABC Inc. Based from the given scenarios above, it is clear that the problem lies on the fact that Carl Robins was not able to communicate with the new trainees of the company which led to various troubles in the recruitment process as stated earlier. The main problem only reflects the immaturity of Carl Robins to handle such task for ABC Inc which is one of the top and well known multinational companies in the country. In this regard, it would be best on the part of ABC Inc to focus solving the problem related to the performance of Carl Robins which later leads to fixing the troubles happened in the recruitment process.


            One of the possible solutions here would be to give Carl Robinson intensive training sponsored by ABC Inc in order to enhance his skills and familiarize himself on how to execute and perform his task for the company. This alternative could be done through requesting the senior staff of Human Resource Department to teach Carl Robins the step by step process of recruiting new trainees for the company. The only problem with this alternative would be the current troubles in the recruitment process will not be solved and this recruitment process would only turn out to be a failure since there is a great possibility that Monica Carrolls will not recognize the entry of the new trainees for the latter has not yet been able to pass all the needed requirements of the company. In other words, this solution is for long term solution to the problem of Carl Robins and not for the short term problems of the company. Another alternative to solve the main problem would be to find a junior staff of ABC Inc and use the “Buddy System” for Carl Robins in order to provide room for him to be guided by other people during the actual recruitment process.

This strategy would kills two birds with one stone since Carl will be able to correct his mistakes I the recruitment process through the guidance of this partner and at the same time master the recruitment process through the buddy system. Unlike the first alternative, this buddy system is much flexible since both long term and short term problems on the recruitment process of ABC Inc will be solved, thus, resulting to a better performance and higher productivity on the part of the employees of the company. The last but not the least solution would be to demote robins into his positions since he still lacks the proper skills and experience in recruiting new trainees for the company. This would save time for the company since the latter will no longer have to bother to train Carl Robins and let other staff of the Human Resource Department to handle and fix the problem on the recruitment process created by Robins. The only draw back on this solution would be, there only a limited number of employees in ABC Inc and pulling out of the senior staff of Human Resource Department just to handle the problem created by an incompetent employee would only led to the deterioration on the quality performance of those senior staff who will be assigned to take care the troubles created by Robins since their work load will surely increase.

Proposed Solutions

            Based from the given alternatives as well as the evaluation of the pros and cons of each alternative to the entire welfare of the company, it is therefore clear that the best solution to solve the problem of Carl Robinson regarding his lack of skills and experiences as well as the troubles of the present recruitment process would be the “Buddy System” for Carl Robins since this will solve not only the short term problems of ABC Inc but also the long term problem of the company concerning Carl Robins (Price, 2007).


            After solving the problem of the present recruitment process as well as the lack of skills and experience of Carl Robins in recruiting new trainees, ABC Inc must now consider the skills and experience of employees first before promoting them and assume higher responsibility for the company since if this case of Carl Robins happened again, there is a great possibility for the performance of ABC Inc to deteriorate and the welfare of the entire company will be negatively affected.

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