Abnormal Psychology Problem Excessive Use Of Marijuana Essay

Abnormal Psychology Problem: Excessive Use Of Marijuana And Alcohol Essay, Research Paper

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Abnormal Psychology Problem Excessive Use Of Marijuana
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Abnormal Psychology


Excessive usage of marihuana and intoxicant, particularly within the last 2 old ages. & # 8220 ; Kurt & # 8221 ; began imbibing and utilizing marihuana at age 14 and by age 15 referred to the

use as & # 8220 ; heavy & # 8221 ; . Despite late being caught for the larceny of his parents TYME card and $ 400, which resulted in him being forced to fall in an AODA group, he still

continues to & # 8220 ; usage & # 8221 ; on a regular footing. He has besides gone to work while drunk and attended a school dance under the influence of marihuana.

As a consequence he was

fired from his occupation and had to undergo a urine screen in order to once more be allowed back into his peculiar school. Regardless of these effects, 17-year-old & # 8220 ; Kurt & # 8221 ; still uses.

Background Information

Demographic: Male, age 17, white.

Early life: The youngest boy in a two parent household, one older brother, one deceased brother, and a younger sister. The oldest boy was killed in a & # 8220 ; freak accident & # 8221 ; about six old ages ago.

& # 8220 ; Kurt & # 8221 ; expresses that since the accident ( which he doesn & # 8217 ; t retrieve ) place life as been hard. His ma has psychological and AODA issues and has been diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome. He had a good relationship with his male parent. Relationship with brother non really good.

Current place life: Lives at place with both parents and younger sister in a individual household house. Staying older brother moved out, late. Average middle-class vicinity. Social life: Many friends with three to four being near. He enjoys being around people most of the


Education: Currently attends a parochial school, is on agenda for graduation. He & # 8217 ; s in the 11th class and acquiring go throughing classs ( C-average ) .

Employment: Presently working part-time after school and weekends. Previous job-he was fired for demoing up drunk, nevertheless, has managed to maintain a & # 8220 ; summertime & # 8221 ; occupation for the last two old ages.

Military: N/A

Health: He rated current wellness as hapless, saying bad lungs from old turns with pneumonia, and a bad back due to a 17 % curvature of the spinal column doing musculus cramps in his lower dorsum.

Restrictions: None

Temper: No history of depression or passion.

Sleep: Occasional incubuss ( 2 to 3 times monthly ) .

Appetite: No jobs.

Sexual map: N/A

History of lost consciousness: Has passed out while imbibing.

Hospitalization: Twice for pneumonia.

Medicine: None


lcohol/drug usage: Heavy usage of marihuana and frequent usage

of intoxicant. Has besides experimented with narcotics which were stolen from his female parent. Hallucinogens, including & # 8220 ; acid & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; shrooms & # 8221 ; . He is besides a pack-a-day coffin nail

tobacco user.

Observations and Behaviors

Attitude: Good resonance during interview, really concerted,

Frank, and unfastened.

Appearance: Everyday.

Motor: Position slumped, seemed nervous, a small agitated,

but held oculus contact.

Address: Adequate and norm.

Language: Good vocabulary, normal.

Attention: Adequate.

Memory: Could non retrieve exact twelvemonth his brother died. Otherwise, memory seemed all right, with accurate item.

Temper: No depression or passion. Has had occasional ideas of self-destruction, but ne’er attempted. In the yesteryear has had anger- direction job, and saw a healer ( after ailments by instructors ) from 1987 to 1990.

Affect: Appropriate and normal.

Self-appraisal: Adequate.

Penetration: Consistent with abilities.

Judgment: Adequate.

Ideas: Appropriate to content, no phobic disorder, compulsions, etc.

Percept: Normal.

Attitude towards unwellness: Recognizes he has a job, but doesn & # 8217 ; t see it as serious, therefore is non really motivated to repair, or work on the job.


Axis I: Substance maltreatment, peculiarly intoxicant and hemp, surrounding on substance dependance.

Axis II: N/A

Axis III: Curvature of the spinal column.

Axis IV: Mother with important psychological jobs combined with AODA issues due to decease of oldest boy.

Axis V: 90

Support for diagnosing

Substance abuse-Despite being caught legion times for imbibing and drug usage, and enduring the resulting effects, & # 8220 ; Kurt & # 8221 ; refuses to abstain from take parting in these illegal activities. I ab initio thought that & # 8220 ; oppositional defiant upset & # 8221 ; may be a more appropriate diagnosing, but the negative, noncompliant, and hostile facets are non truly present. & # 8220 ; Kurt seems noncompliant merely in order to obtain the intoxicant or drugs he wants. This attitude doesn & # 8217 ; t carry over into other facets of his life.


I recommend continued AODA group therapy, but besides think

single talk therapy would profit. I feel that the substance maltreatment is a symptom of an implicit in job,

likely the consequence of the stressors at place. He may besides

be sing some mild depression and suffer from low self-pride.

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