Abortion as a Problem

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The issues of abortion always perplexed me in many ways. There were many questions to be answered and to be discovered based on the arguments why people consider it as an option. In issues regarding abortion there are many opinions that I had to observe based on the fact that many individuals had different views and perspectives. Above all the confrontation I encountered regarding abortion, there was only one question that always left me bewildered. I always wondered why women actually go through abortion. Abortion it ‘self is a painful experience that leaves many women wondering why they actually went thru the experience. They have no Idea of what that child could be. Most people say that women have emotional and physical side effects after having an abortion. Abortion cannot only be dangerous to the fetus but also to the host as well. Some women even have rash ideas and some have thoughts of suicide. What is their purpose in committing what I believe to be such a crime? I’ve read opinions regarding why women are considering abortion as an option. Some women complain about not being able to feed another mouth. Other women claim that when another child is conceived that life, as you know it, will get a lot harder. In my standards abortion should only be considered when a convicted killer or rapists rapes someone. Or another option can be considered if the host has aids or very ghastly sickness or disease. I remember on a show were one mother was raped and because she didn’t believe in abortion, she still had her child and because she didn’t have her child at her own will she disowned him. Even though if a woman went through rape she should find ways to avoid getting an abortion. She could probably get advice from a friend or counseling from a doctor about the factors of giving birth to an unwanted child. I know a child should never

grow up without a father figure, but that shouldn’t be a good reason why someone should choose to go through abortion because of the fact that the child would grow up without a child. In most societies today abortion is considered to be intolerable in most cultures and different societies. People in those societies see birth as a great thing that should not be taken away from a human being without any purpose. The fact of destroying a living organism such as the developing embryo to discontinue life was looked upon as being homicide by many different societies. I read that a social consensus exists that when human personhood starts, that the person must be protected. Some people say that many religions, organizations and individuals have passionately held but conflicting beliefs about when this happens. This naturally leads to opposing views on whether a woman should have access to abortion. A lot of people that approve of abortion believe that the fetus becomes a human person only after it has been delivered and is breathing on its own. There is some Biblical justification for this belief. In an article on a website I came across described how Genesis 2:7 states that God made Adam’s body from the dust of the ground. But it was only after God “breathed into it the breath of life” that “man became a living person.” They may be reluctant to consider a fetus that is about to be delivered as human, because that might result in a “slippery slope” argument that would criminalize abortions at gradually earlier gestational ages. Other Physicians say that in the process of 3 months developing in the beginning state of the embryo, they state that the embryo is not a living human or an organism. Although I’ve read that abortion percentiles declined in the passed years since 1979, still in other countries such as the Soviet Union and

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Romania abortion rates are very high and unstable, the Soviet Union and Romania current abortion rates apparently leads most nations in abortion today. The reason was

probably because of the poverty factor in Europe, usually many people do not have enough resources to support a family nor do they think they are capable of starting one yet. I personally believe abortion should have never been introduced into our rural society mainly because of the fact that now these days pregnant women who want abortion to prevent future pregnancy are taking it for granted. Although at some times many physicians say abortion is needed I completely disagree. My religion and self-beliefs are strictly against abortion and its practices. There are some religions that actually support abortion, but most of the churches have restrictions on when should abortion should actually be pursued. As there are scripts in my holy bible that explain how human personhood begins at the instant conception of an egg being present. I would also really hope that people realized what they were doing and find other alternatives instead of resulting to abortion.

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