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Abortion Is One of the Most Controversial Issues in America

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Currently, Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in America. Abortion is supported by American law. Many people have fought to either legalize or to illegalize abortion. However, abortion is considered by some to be legal in cases of rape or when the pregnancy causes problem to the mother. Although, people argue that legalizing abortion could be solution for unexpected pregnancy, legalizing abortion could also result negative effect on women’s physical health, psychological health and affects the other child of woman Abortion can harm and can affect a woman’s ability to have healthy future pregnancies.

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Abortion Is One of the Most Controversial Issues in America
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The physical harms could be injury, bleeding, serious infection, pain, breast cancer and incomplete abortion. The physical effect of abortion could be both long and short term. These affects can cause a serious problem to the woman. Bleeding after abortion process is common but after a while it can lead up to an abnormal bleeding and the woman might end up having surgery.

On the other hand incomplete abortion can cause infections. These infections can also be caused by surgical instruments which are inserted during the surgery.

Moreover, abortion can result in the most dangerous disease breast cancer. Woman who decides to have an abortion should be aware of all the effects and needs to know that the affects exist and could also happen to her. “During the course of a medical abortion, nearly all women experience pain resulting from uterine cramping, and bleeding, often with passage of clots. ” (Expected side effects of medical abortion, http://www. prochoice. org/education/cme/online_cme/m2expected2. asp#1 ) Many women suffer from emotional and psychological problems due to abortion.

Some of these problems are depression, eating disorders, suicide, anxiety and also increased consumption of alcohol and drugs. After abortion women start to regret what they have done, because it is not easy to end human life. Because of the guilt they are feeling they give up on their life too. They decide to commit suicide. They start to develop bad behavior like drinking and smoking. It would have been better just to have the baby instead of going through all the problems they face.

Some people take abortion as a solution, but abortion cannot be solution in any case. Abortion is taking away human life which is considered a sin. Sometimes abortion might end up death of both the child and the mother at the same time. Whoever decides to have an abortion needs to be aware of the risks abortion can cause. Abortion can affect the other child of the woman who is getting the abortion. The child might know his mom is pregnant and the next day if that child finds out that his mom is not pregnant any more that is going to be very questioning to the child.

That child might grow up saying that it is ok to have an abortion which means passing something not important to the next generation. It could also cause a problem to the future pregnancy. If there was left part in the first abortion or if the first abortion was an incomplete abortion, that might cause some other problem to the new pregnancy. “No previous births and an earlier abortion put a woman at significant risk of post-abortion complications leading to possible infertility” (Ruiz-Velasco V, Gonzalez Alfani G, Pliego Sanchez L, Alamillo Vera M , pg. 92) The other negative affect abortion cause is family problem. After abortion relationships between couples change. The house will not be full of joy anymore. The woman is going to be sad and depressed. The woman is always going to be sad because the aborted baby is part of her body she feels it more than the her partner does. Losing a child is very hard. The death of the child will take away all the woman’s happiness. She could not take care of her family like she used to and that causes other problem.

But if the woman is wise she would not do that at the first place. Deciding to get an abortion is taking a big risk in like. The risk is not easy either. In conclusion, I strongly disagree with my opponent. Abortion is like killing unborn human. Whoever practices abortion should be charged for killing even though the baby is unborn the baby is already a living organism and could get the mother in to trouble. Abortion is un constitutional even though the supreme court legalized it.

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