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Abortion: The Women’ Rights



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    Abortion is a possibility that many women have taken it and thus become a more popular choice; abortion could be used as an escape. The women have a right to choose, the pregnancy could be accidental or the women were raped. Then abortion should be allowed tenet it could cause an adverse impact on the mother’s life. Abortion was illegal before the 1973 Supreme Court hearing of Roe v. Wade. Now that abortion is legalized, women have the right and the option to lead the way they want. Abortion should be acceptable so that the mother can prevent execution and prevents unwanted children.

    From a historical perspective, abortion has been to serve as a lifesaver for both baby and mother. In twenty years before abortion was legalized in America, it is estimated that a million women per year underwent illegal abortions. During the process, thousands of American women were maimed and thousands more died. People outlaw abortions, it induces in the back alleys where the action become violent, exorbitant, and tarnishing. Thus, to protect the woman’s life, we must keep abortion legal in America.

    According to abortion statistics from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, about 15,000 women have had abortions each year because they become pregnant as a result of rape or incest. Fortunately, the nation’s leaders were able to stop this genocide of women. In Roe v. Wade, a landmark Supreme Court decision in 1973, stated that a woman and her doctor may freely choose to terminate a pregnancy during the first trimester, state governments can regulate abortion access after the first trimester with laws intended to protect the woman’s health, and abortion after fetal viability must be present if the woman’s life is at risk.

    Women are often forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term; the result is unwanted children. Abortion should remain legal because it may destine an unwanted child to live a horrible life. The world knows they are among society’s most tragic cases, often uncared for, unloved, brutalized, and abandoned. When these children grow up, they live disadvantaged lives and could live a life inclined towards brutal behavior to others. This is not seemly for the family, children, and the nation. Why should a child who is not wanted and loved be brought into this world?

    The life of an unwanted child is not fulfilling. First, child of an unfortunate mother tends to be at a greater risk of being born at initial birth weight, dying in the first year of life, and lacking sufficient nutritional resources for a healthy development. Second, an unwanted pregnancy seems to cause impairment of social development and mental health. An ongoing study comparing children born as a result of an unwanted pregnancy to persons born from a wanted pregnancy revealed significant differences in matched controls between the two groups on six of ten psychological adaptation measures.

    It was also found that these adverse developmental effects persisted even nearly thirty years later. If such symptoms persist for over decades, then why in the first place should we even let this happen? We can stop this. All we need to do is to provide abortion remain legal. Although religious sects in America most often criticize abortion, the practice of abortion should remain LEGAL in the U. S. because it allows a woman to choose her death and prevents unwanted children.

    There are many reasons why abortion should remain legal in order to protect the life of the mother and save a short one: First of all, anti-abortionists arguments have no idea and are not satisfying enough. Their arguments of “life” are contrary to what they do. If they try to keep a human life, then they must maintain a lot of living creatures. Yet, they do not do that, so their argument is a contradiction. Second, abortion today has not only been protected, at the alarming rate technology improves; women today are more likely to live healthy lives.

    A technological breakthrough, like the RU-486 abortion pill, has allowed abortion to be safer than it was in the past. Three, most people should be wanted in this world. If she (women) is forced to move out surplus pregnancies, it only becomes an obstacle to the family, child, mother, and American culture. Finally, the Bible clearly supports abortion. Ever since America, a country where everyone has the same rights, one right, regarding bearing children, affect women. The right to choose abortion should be in every woman’s case.

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