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My name is Armando Rosales Jr - About Myself introduction. I am the son of Armando and Sylvia Rosales. I am also a twin. My twin sister is named Sylvia Rosales. As I was growing up I was really into sports and was always most valuable player (MVP), my goal at the time was to play in the Major Leagues. Unfortunately when I got to high school I was going to start baseball on the varsity team as a freshman, but before the season started I was in an ATV accident. I had severe head trauma, since that happened, I decided not to play, and I chose to do other things.

Waking up from my accident a week and five days later, I didn’t know what had happened to me. Most of my immediate family was around me, my twin sister told me everything in detail and how it happened. I was shocked and couldn’t believe it, but I had to believe it. Doctors told my family I was not going to be the same. I had to learn how to eat, walk, add, Spanish, cursive pretty much everything. Once I got out of the hospital, I wasn’t allowed to go back to school because I wasn’t all there. I had a rough two years to finally get somewhat normal.

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What I didn’t learn after my accident was why you shouldn’t use drugs or alcohol. So being a teenager I started to smoke marijuana. Since I didn’t know better I was offered harder drugs and I thought to myself since I smoke weed why not smoke crack? When I was offered meth, and I said I smoke weed, crack why not smoke meth? During my teenage years I was lost, I did what I wanted and nobody stopped me. One day I came home from being gone for three days, my dad arrived shortly after I did; he was so upset it looked like he was ready to murder me.

He put a gun to my head and I got so scared that I snapped out of it. I quit using all those drugs. The next few years were also difficult. I didn’t know what I wanted in life, and by not wanting to I had a precious son. Because of him, I decided to do something with my life. Now I’m taking classes to become a Fire Fighter. I need a couple of more years to have all my certifications to finally be able to apply for a Fire Fighter position and be able to get hired. Now, I recently graduated from the fire technology academy at E. P. C. C… I’m now certified in the state of Texas as a firefighter.

There’s a class that is going to start in September for El Paso fire. I was not able to apply for the class because I don’t have a driver license. It is expired and I haven’t been able to renew it do to surcharges that I owe. The next class that they have I will be applying for. I have gotten my shit together and doing a lot better then what I was 10 years ago, my life has been a great challenge. I have been blessed several times but one of the best ones is my lady. Without her I would have not been able to accomplish or do any of the things I’m doing now.

I also have my own business with her; we are the owners of FuzzyFriendz. Business has picked up nicely, we’d like for it to be better but it has improved greatly, with time it will continue to improve. I’ve also recently started being a private dancer (stripper). That’s not going so good because…..? Anyways, I apologize for barley doing this assignment and sending it to you; if you have any questions feel free to ask. My story is deeper then you think, I’m one of a kind and I know every guy says that but I have the M stamped on my head for proof. The M is for Miracle.

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