Absolute Power Corrupts

Absolute power corrupts the leaders with the most power because they end up abusing their power and hurting the themselves and the people that are closet to them - Absolute Power Corrupts introduction. They use their power for their own personal gain and do not listen to anyone else.

In the novel, Animal Farm, absolute power corrupts absolutely because Napoleon is in charge of the farm but then he gains to much power and end up losing the farm. Napoleon is a pig and the leader of Animal Farm after Old major dies. Every time any of the animals doubt his choices they think to themselves, “Napoleon is always right.” At the end of the book they end up realizing that what Napoleon has been doing is wrong. After Old Major dies all of the animals vote Napoleon to be the leader of the farm because they think he will make the right decisions for them. He gains to much power on the farm and tries to use it for his own personal gain. He starts to adjust the seven commandments in order to benefit the pigs and himself. For example on commandment number four; “No animal shall sleep in a bed.” Napoleon added, “with sheets,” to the end of it to benefit the pigs. This is so the pigs could sleep inside the house and use the bed. Napoleon just took the sheets of the bed so none of the animals could say that he was doing anything wrong. When Napoleon starts trading with the other farmers in the area, he starts ‘acting like a human.’ Napoleon buys whiskey with all of his money and tends to get drunk quite often. Another one of the rules was that the animals were not allowed to buy or drink whiskey and Napoleon broke that rule very often.When the animals see that Napoleon is resembling a human, they start ti realize that he has gained to much power. And with all of this power comes a lot of responsibility that Napoleon does not have.

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The theme, absolute power corrupts absolutely, is also in the novel, Lord Of The Flies, upon the character Jack. In the beginning of the book Jack wants absolute power by trying to become the leader of the island right away. Unfortunately, everyone votes for Ralph instead of Jack though. Later on in the book Jack breaks off from Ralph’s tribe and tries to start a group of his own. Most of the kids go over to Jacks tribe because they are tired of Ralph always calling meetings for no apparent reason and for making them do work. With all of the kids on the island coming over to his side, he feels like he has gained lots of power. He makes the kids act like servants for him and bring his anything he needs. He makes them stand guard for his fort and do anything that he needs them to. Later on in the novel, Jack abuses his power and ends up killing Simon. When all of the boys are hunting for animals they see a mysterious figure hiding behind a bush in the dark. Before Jack can take the time to figure out what kind of animal it is, he tells his tribe to hurry and kill it. The animal, however, is Simon. The boys rush over to him and start ripping him apart with there bare hands and teeth. They hurt him very bad. They make Simon bleed to death and die right there. When everyone finally realizes that who they have killed is not a deadly monster they feel ashamed. Jack’s power corrupts him in this situation because he kills an ordinary human being. Another situation in which this happens is when they kill Piggy. Ralph, Jack, and Piggy are standing by the side of cliff talking about Jacks power and Jack does not agree with what they are saying. He decides to have his assistant push a rock off of the mountain to try to break the conch shell but instead his misses and ends up hitting Piggy. This sends Piggy over the cliff in to the freezing waters below, killing him. Jack has to much power in the novel and misuses it quite often. He makes the younger boys act like slaves for him and the older boys guard his surroundings. And in the end, he only ends up killing two harmless boys because of all the power that he has gained.

A leader that has abused his power would be Jospeh Stalin. He was not a good leader during the time that he was in charger. He did not speak well in front of others and would always force them to make the wrong decisions that he would try and prove were right. He was also not educated like his partner, Leon Trotsky. This made him not well educated for the position as the leader of all of the people. Stalin wanted power and wouldn’t stop for anyone or anything in order to obtain what he wanted. He wanted to be in charge of everyone and have them follow all of his orders. Stalin did not like people that opposed what he wanted. He would often kill people in order to get what he wanted. Stalin abused his power because he led people into the wrong direction. He led them to do the wrong thing so he could get what he wanted. He was a very powerful dictator and a very bad one to his people of which he ruled.

All of these are examples of how dictators abuse their powers. In Animal Farm, Napoleon misuses his power by changing the commandments and telling the animals that whatever is wrong is actually right. The same concept is in Lord of the Flies because Jack makes the boys do whatever he tells him to and ends up killing to of his closest friends. This concept is also used in history because the dictator, Joseph Stalin, forces his people to believe the wrong thing.

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