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Management and production stability is one of the aims of a business enterprise but to achieve this, dynamic organizational change is imperative - Abstract paper Essay introduction. Integrating information systems into the structure of an organization is one such change that can give an organization a competitive edge.

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 Integrating information systems into the structure and function of an organization requires some level of organizational transformation. The process of transforming an organization’s structure may involve technological change to improve on the available communication systems. Information systems integration is one such change in technology available for use by the organization. One company that went through organizational transformation is Oticon, a Danish company established in 1904.

This interpretive research uses Oticon as the case study and explores the organizational changes in technology especially information systems. One of the problems that was bedevilling the company that lead to serious financial loses in 1980s was the communication system. The system available at the time was mainly paper based. However serious technological change came in to replace the paperless communication by scanning all mails, documents, reports and by using emails. There was also development of new information system that connected all workstations. This move to a paperless communication was a technological change and organization’s structure that allowed for the mobility of workers who were not stationary but moved from one work station to another effectively reducing projects completion time considerably.

The integration of information technology into an organization’s management and business strategies can bring transformation to a business. The increased effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness acquired by integration of information technology coupled with a rigorous planning and implementation can help businesses towards a more strategically oriented approaches production and management thus giving the organization the desired competitive edge.


Wyatt W. B. (2002). Organization Change: Theory and Practice. New York: Prentice hall.

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