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Academics and Gender

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To succeed in this generation one must do two things: achieve academic success and go to college to earn a degree. More and more women are starting to go use this formula to get ahead in life because they were taught at a young age to thrive and do their best in school. In college many experts are noticing that many less men are attending and earning degrees in male dominant fields of study. Due to the increasing focus put on women to achieve academically, young men are falling below the curve and not putting forth the effort necessary to be successful in school.

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Academics and Gender
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In Ann Hulbert’s article, “Boy Problems,” the statistics are showing that gender and race are manipulating future jobs. Through the usage of logos, pathos, and ethos the author displays her findings. The recent outburst by Harvard President, Lawerence Summers, states that he believes boys are doing better in school because they were born superior than female students.

Ann Hulbert seems to disagree with his findings. She found that, “… boys perform consistently below girls on most test of reading and verbal skill and lack in college enrollment and degree attainment. Using the rhetorical strategy, ethos, Hullbert finds that more male students are obtaining degrees than women, which is contradicting president Summers’ statement. Throughout the years many people are motivated by different means. Ann Hulbert states, “Males come from Mars and thrive instead on no-nonsense, authority, accountability, clarity and peer rivalry. ” Boys are being motivated; not by the means of academic progression like women but by rivalry and being aggressive to be ahead of somebody else. The use of pathos shows the relationship between men and the motivation to obtain success.

To show the difference of how we pride men and women in the educational field, Ann Hulbert finds that through the statistics of certain fields of degrees and jobs that less men are moving toward more academic areas. Degrees in science, math and English are becoming more and more likely to be pursued by women than men attending college. In Hulbert’s essay using the rhetorical device logos she puts this lack of male educational degree into full view, “Young American men now earn twenty-five percent fewer bachelor’s degrees than young women. The essay also uses ethnic statistics to display this evidence, “Black women now earn twice as many college degrees as black men do. ” In early generations the “American Way” was that men went to college to earn degrees, get an education, and provide for the family while women were told to not go to college, had to get married, have kids and be a home-maker. Now things have changed, due to the increasing focus put onto women to achieve educational success and further their education by getting degrees in many fields.

Men are not going through enough schooling to earn educational degrees and are turning to more physical labor kinds of work that do not require additional schooling. Ann Hulbert’s article displays the statistics that were found by doing research into the amount of degrees being obtained by both sexes, even in the job field it is looked into. Rhetorical devices are the driving force for her argument throughout the article to provide her evidence. These are successfully implemented to show the faults in male education and to give ideas into how some could fix it.

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Academics and Gender. (2017, Jan 26). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/academics-and-gender/

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