Academics: Writing Assignments

Top of Form Bottom of Form You can print this page to keep a clear record of which lessons you have completed and to make sure you are progressing logically through the course. There course has been divided into 5 blocks. It is recommended that you complete each block before moving on to the next. Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Block One Sky ill Lesson Completed? Writing (Task l) Task – the basics Task II – the basics Listening An introduction to the listening test Reading An introduction to the reading test Speaking An introduction to the speaking test Vocabulary Vocabulary – words with ‘A’

Vocabulary – words with ‘B’ and ‘C’ Practice test Practice test #1 Academic skills/grammar Academic writing 1 – an introduction The tenses Block Two Skill Bar charts Line graphs Writing (Task II) Analyzing the question Getting ideas and planning Form/summary/table/flowchart/notes completion questions Sentence completion Skimming, scanning and reading detail Headings style questions Short answer questions Part One – Giving information and explaining Part One – Describing Part One – Likes, dislikes and preferences Vocabulary – words with ‘D’ and ‘E’ Vocabulary – words with ‘F’ and ‘G’ Vocabulary – words with ‘H’ and ‘l’

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Academics: Writing Assignments
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Practice test #2 Linking words Academic writing 2 – punctuation Block Three Pie charts Tables Writing an introduction Paragraphing Mum Tipple choice Sentence completion questions Summary/table/flowchart/notes completion questions Labeling a diagram Part Two – Preparing notes Part Two – The long turn Vocabulary – words from ‘J’ to ‘M’ Vocabulary – words with ‘N’ and ‘O’ Vocabulary – words with ‘P’ and ‘Q’ Practice test #3 Passive sentences Academic writing 3 – articles Block Four Processes Diagrams Presenting and supporting opinions Writing a conclusion Labeling a diagram, plan or map Matching and classifying

Locating information in a paragraph Part Three – Responding in Part Three Part Three – Expressing opinions and analyzing Vocabulary – words with ‘R’ and ‘S’ Practice test #4 Modal verbs Academic writing 4 – complex sentences Block Five Writing a Task essay Timing and editing your essay True / False / Not Given style questions.

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