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Computer hardware and software are an accountant’s tools - Accountant’s computer Essay introduction. Employers and clients care that reliable information is provided as efficiently as possible but look to the accountant to decide which tools are used to best accomplish this. Just as carpenters switched from using traditional handsaws to power saws for many large jobs in the last fifty years, accountants now use computers to do much of what only required a pen, paper, carbon paper, adding machine and postage stamps forty years ago            (Accountants’ Tools, p.1).

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Accountant’s computer

            Having made sure that computers can perform calculating operations rapidly and correctly, accountants began to trust them. It is clear that the modern computer technologies allowed to economize time on usual long calculations and offsetting. In fact, it is enough to input the correct data and then a computer performs all difficult operations itself. That’s why the topic of accountant’s computer is considered to be very actual nowadays (Accountants’ Tools, p.1).

            But it should be pointed out that calculating possibilities of a computer are not very important today. As we can see, calculators still continue to be used in the accounting field, whereas printing machines have already become historical attributes. So, saving all accounting information in electronic databases and printing the documents and reports are the most significant functions of computerized accounting.

            Also, computer revolution played a big role in forming productive relations. As result, it allowed to decrease staff of an enterprise and improve the qualification of accountants at the same time.

            Another significant advantage of computerized accounting is suggested to be an opportunity of remote job, which allowed accountants to stay at home and to work for several companies at the same time. As it is predicted, this trend will be wide-spread among the next generation of accountants.

            So, considering the main features of accountant’s personal computer in this coursework we will take into account both types of computers i.e. – the computer intended for office and universal computer for home.

            In fact, there are no significant differences in hardware of these two types of accountant’s computers and therefore multimedia possibilities have to be minimal. Thus, in order to work in the accounting field it is enough to have PC of average productivity, which will be convenient for use and reliable.

            Usually if a computer is intended for office these simple requirements don’t raise any questions. But if a computer is bought for house there is a temptation to make it universal – games, films, the Internet and accounting. The practice shows that usage of universal home PC for accounting purposes often leads to errors and deleting electronic databases. But what does it mean for accountant? It is better not to think about this nightmare. So, the special computer intended only for accounting purposes is required to work at home, like a computer in office, where each accountant has PC with authorized access.

            As to accounting software, it is usually chosen on the basis of the tasks and accountant’s work experience. With the development of office suites (bundled word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database applications: e.g. Microsoft Office and Lotus Suite), and convergence of communication and computing technologies, features of one type of software are often found in other types of products (Accountants’ Tools, p.1). But there are the standard applications, which have to be installed on each accountant’s computer. It includes Word and Exel, WinZIP and WinRAR. It is important to have CD archiving Nero Burning ROM or similar program is required for the given purpose. In general, the number of programs should be minimal, because each installed software can become the source of unpredicted problems.

            As to the choice of operating systems for accounting, Windows XP is considered to be the best solution. Such OS as Windows 95/98/ME don’t provide a computer with the required reliability and the data protection degree.

            Also, the security problem is very important for accountants, so it is better not to connect the computer to the Internet, because it is the main source of viruses. In office, as a rule, there is the special server, which provides local computers with protection and clever administrator, who can control the situation and eliminates all intrusions of viruses.

            In addition, it should be said that the most dangerous problem which can be caused by viruses is suggested to be data loss. Sometimes it is very difficult to restore all the data using the basic documents. So, for this reason it is recommended to make CD copies of electronic databases as frequently as it is possible. For complete solution of the given problem it is desirable to make several copies of the same documents, it will allow accountants to avoid facing the further problems in the future.


Accountants’ Tools: Computer Hardware and Software. Retrieved August 20, 2006 from

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