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Accounting career paper

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The term accountant is very broad. There are many jobs that you can have and still be called an accountant. You can do taxes, be a staff accountant, or even a bookkeeper. Accounting is basically just recording and analyzing financial transactions. Accounting is important in every business or industry and really in our everyday lives. Accounting is also just balancing your personal check book. Accountants no matter what you title basically all do the same type of thing. When you are an accountant for a business you would be keeping track of numbers and making sense of them to make sure the business is running in accordance with the budget.

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This type of accountant is also responsible for making sure the business is abiding by the government standards of accounting. Accountants who are employed at a public accounting firm and referred to as public accountants do similar jobs just in a different way. Public accountants are the ones who prepare and analyze tax returns as well as prepare and analyze financial reports for other companies.

The education required to become an accountant varies depending upon what the company itself requires. Normally, for an entry-level position you would need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. Some companies may require higher education for an entry-level job.

In special cases you can enter the accounting field with a high-school diploma or associates degree by becoming a bookkeeper and work you way up to receiving a more complex accounting position. Since the accounting field has so many jobs the salary range varies greatly. An entry-level accountant average salary is $46, 351. An accounting supervisor average salary is $72,926.

These average salaries were founded by collecting data from thousands of human resources departments at employers of all sizes, industries, and geographies. Compared to national averages, the accounting profession is considering to be growing. There is a projected increase of 16% between 2010 and 2020. This increase is due to corporate scandals, financial crisis, and continued globalization of businesses. The steps I need to take to reach the goal of becoming an accountant is to finish my two years at MACC. After MACC I plan to go to a university to finish up my bachelors degree. After I receive my bachelor’s degree I am going to try and find a job to get some experience and take graduate classes on the side. I eventually want to take my CPA exam to get my license and work at a public accounting firm doing taxes.

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