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Acculturation Anthropology

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In this paper, we will define and discuss acculturation and provide examples of original culture and the acculturation process.

We will also describe the adaptive strategies for economic changes and describe the meaning of art. We will also look at the changes in concepts associated with marriage and family. We will first define acculturation and culture and discuss how acculturation came about. We will see how acculturation has impacted various aspects of life for communities.

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Acculturation Anthropology
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We will look at the mechanisms of cultural change and the meaning of art and how acculturation has been a benefit or detriment to it.

Culture is distinctive to humanity, and refers to customary behavior and beliefs that are passed on through enculturation. Culture rests on the human capacity for cultural learning. Culture encompasses rules for conduct internalized in human beings, which lead them to think and act in characteristic ways.

(1) There are three mechanisms of cultural change, diffusion, acculturation and independent invention. There are distinct differences between these mechanisms.

Diffusion is when one culture of people borrows traits from another culture.It is easy to see why diffusion exists because no culture has been completely isolated from all others.

Diffusion can cover vast distances quickly like a rumor spreading. Essentially everyone has something to lend to someone else. There are three forms of diffusion, direct, indirect, and forced. Direct diffusion happens when two or more cultures trade, intermarry, or wage war on one another.

Diffusion is forced when one culture subjugates another and imposes its customers on the dominated group. Indirect diffusion happens when items are exchanged from one group to another without face to face contact.Acculturation is the second mechanism of cultural change; it is the exchange of cultural features that occurs when groups have continuous face to face contact with one another. The definition of acculturation is; The exchange of cultural features that results when groups come into continuous first hand contact; the cultural patterns of either or both groups may be changed, but the groups remain distinct.

(2) Each group remains distinct because they simply add to their existing culture. Things like food, recipes, music, dances, clothing, tools, technologies and languages can all lend together when cultures maintain firsthand contact between one another. A good example of a language blend is pidgin which is a mixed language that develops to ease communication barrios between members of different societies; it is created out of necessity to ease trade or colonialism. Independent invention is another mechanism of cultural change.

Independent invention is the process of innovation and creatively finding solutions to problems out of necessity. Necessity is the mother of all invention and it pushes people to find solutions on their own.When people are faced with similar challenges, people have a tendency to create solutions in similar ways, this is one reason that cultural generalities exist among entirely separate cultures. It is safe to say that there are no cultures left in the world that have been untouched in one way or another, at least that anyone would know of.

If a culture is studied then it will be affected by an outsider that would bring different ideas to them and the culture would no longer be original. Acculturation impacts many aspects of everyday life including art.Our views of beauty, theatre, and literature change as we are exposed to other cultures with types of art that we haven’t experienced. Art is defined as “the quality, production, expression, or realm of what is beautiful or of more than ordinary significance’ the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria” (3) There are many alternatives to nuclear family organizations and in many cultures; they do not adhere to the nuclear family organization.

The nuclear family organization is widespread and common but it is not universal.The nuclear family structure remains to be the ideal structure for families living in the United States but there has been a decrease to 24% in the number of the nuclear family structure since the 1950’s. Since the 1950’s women have joined the workforce to the extent that they are able to prolong marriage and provide for themselves without needing to get married. Less than half of the men and women living in the U.

S. in 2000 were married. Since the 1950’s, the marriage age for women has increased from 20 to 25 in 2000.The standard age for men to marry has also increased from 23 to 27.

For both men and women, job demands compete with romantic attachments. More reasons for this shift in household structures are the increased divorce rates, economic trouble, and increased immigration from countries that do not adhere to the nuclear family structure. This is how acculturation has impacted the United States in recent years. Many Mexican families have migrated to the U.

S. and they tend to live together to pool their financial resources in order to have their needs met.I believe that the value of family has decreased since the 1950’s in the U. S.

We tend to forget about non-immediate family members, we tend to only see them on holidays and don’t contribute much to one another’s lives. Immigrants are often shocked by the weak bonds among extended families in the United States. I think that as finances allow, people tend to want to rely on themselves more and less on their families. We have a strong desire to be self-reliant and it makes us appreciate our family members less.

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