Ace Auto Problem Analysis Report Essay

Project Management Considerations:

The organization must focus on requirement analysis instead of deliverable - Ace Auto Problem Analysis Report Essay introduction. The deliverable will be of no use if the product or system does not conform to requirements. There should be no costs overrun. Organization must take project scope schedule and cost in account.

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Ace Auto Problem Analysis Report
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Problem and Impact

Ace Auto Dealer obtains customers from many different advertising avenues. Information about the customers is currently saved, including the customer’s name, address, phone number, date of visit, and the make and model of the vehicle in which the customer is interested. Unfortunately, the data that is currently being saved does not indicate if the customer has made a purchase and from which advertising avenue the customer came. This negatively impacts the business in many ways. First, sales representatives find themselves following up with customers who are no longer in the market for a vehicle. Also, the most effective advertising channel cannot be identified.


The solution is to simply store more information about the customer. At a minimum, the purchasing status of the customer should be saved. Also, a customer-indicated advertising channel should be saved. This could be as easy as asking the customer how he heard about the business.

The objective of this solution is to increase the efficiency of the sales department while capitalizing on the most effective advertising channels. As not many changes will need to be made to the current database system, the feasibility of the change is high. The current customer information can be used in the new system. While old customers will not have the additional information right away, there is no reason to discard the information that already exists.

Cost and Benefit

Ace Auto Dealer already has a system in place to store customer information. The proposed system is simply a modification to the existing system. The required up-front investment to implement these changes is very small. However, the potential benefit is very large. The organization will be able to more effectively utilize both time and resources

Information Requirements

The solution will address the need to store customer purchase status and advertising channel. For purchase status, an indication of if the purchase was internal or external should be saved. If the purchase was internal, the organization can follow up with the customer to ensure that the customer is satisfied and to solicit business in the form of maintenance. The organization should also store the information about the vehicle purchased so that direct advertising can be sent to that customer based on their specific needs.

For the advertising channel, the customer will be asked to indicate from which advertising channel they were sent. This is as easy as asking the customer, “How did you hear about us?”

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