Acer Aspire Essay

????? Aspire?? I. AAC?? Aspire???????? ????????????? ? Factors: ? To prove the add-on value for independent RBU to lead the product plan. ? The booming of internet, audio/video, and communication technology in 1994 created the potential opportunity of multimedia home PC. ? The ambition for Stan Shih to develop global brand. ? Good opportunity? ? Market demand — yes. ? Organization and managing process – no. ? II. ?? Aspire???????????. ?????? ? Aspire development process and management ? Product planning by AAC, performing focus group market investigation to find out the key selling point: multimedia and unique ID design Product spec.

defined by AAC. ? Outsourcing the design to Frog Design. Taiwan SBU engineers to support. ? The multimedia system was separated into many sub-systems. Different sub-system was assigned to a different manager and team. Then AAC did the integration. ? Advantage: ? Product planning and spec. defined by RBU – flexible and quick to react to the market needs. ? Drawback: ? Development led by AAC, which is lack of development experience. ? With no experience in defining the interface of subsystem, but still divided the sub-system and let them handled by different teams.

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Most of the venders were in Taiwan, but AAC did not trust SBU. The coordination among RBU (leader), SBU (supporter) and supplier is too complicate. III. ?? Aspire????????? ??????? ? Quality problem -> return high, also the target customers are first time users ( Customer service overloaded ? Aspire is positioned as a global product. But the flexibility provided to RBU led Aspire into more than 100 different local Aspires. Those two scenarios are conflict. Also cause inventory issue. ? Pricing Price negotiation between RBU and SBU not efficient to react the market demand. IV. Acer????????? , ??? , ??????? ? Strategy: ? Product segmentation: • Business – sale through office superstores • Family – mass merchants • Game enthusiast – consumer electronics superstore. ? Expand the customer service system to reduce the waiting time from 20 minutes to 2 minutes. ? Organization: ? Taiwan dispatched 3 experienced managers as AAC top management, one for customer service, one for improvement of production, the 3rd for US consumer business strengthen with Culver. Management: ? A Taiwan senior engineering manager of IPG, Arthur Pai, was assigned as the direct coordinator between SBU and AAC. ? IPG engineers not only supplied component parts, but also responsible for the success of the product. ? Use common parts as much as possible to reduce the inventory problem and to reach the economic scale. ? Change accounting practice – made provisions for future service costs, returns and inventory write-offs. V. ??????? 1998??????? ? ? ? ? [pic][pic]

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